Analytics @ FlutterFlow at FlutterFlow (W21)
$170K - $210K  •  
Application Development Platform (Native Mobile + Web Apps)
New York, NY, US / Mountain View, CA, US / Remote (US)
6+ years
About FlutterFlow

We're building a visual application development platform with the goal of dramatically improving the time to market and quality of digital experiences for our customers. FlutterFlow helps companies improve developer efficiency, accelerate project timelines, and reduce costs for large-scale business applications. Our customers include some of the largest banking, consulting, telecom, and manufacturing companies in the world.

We have more than 1M users in more than 200 countries worldwide.

We’re a remote first team headquartered in the SF Bay Area. We have offices in Mountain View, New York, and Singapore.

About the role

As the first member of our Analytics team, you will partner with teams across FlutterFlow to ensure we have the models, tools, and insights needed to make decisions and scale our business. You’ll be vital in building our data infrastructure and analytics capabilities. We're looking for a hands-on problem solver who is excited to write a lot of SQL code and dive deep into our data.

What You’ll Work On:

  • Build and sustain the data infrastructure essential for business intelligence and analytics operations.
  • Create dbt models to clean, transform, and prepare data in BigQuery, ensuring data quality and accessibility.
  • Leverage Fivetran and other data pipeline tools to centralize data from various sources in BigQuery
  • Develop and maintain a unified, SQL-powered data model in Omni, establishing a single source of truth for the organization.
  • Leverage Omni and other tools to transform raw data into visualizations and reports that effectively convey key findings and actionable insights.
  • Determine the data required to answer critical business questions and develop strategies to collect and analyze this information.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify and prioritize analytics needs, ensuring alignment with business goals.
  • Train and support team members using data analytics tools and methodologies to foster a data-driven culture within the organization.

Who You Are:

  • 5-8+ years of experience in data analysis or business intelligence, experience working at a SaaS company preferred.
  • SQL expertise with a proven ability to write and optimize complex queries on extensive tables (bonus if you’ve used BigQuery and/or dbt).
  • Experience creating and maintaining data pipelines to centralize data from various sources into a data warehouse
  • Experience with data visualization tools (e.g., Tableau, Looker, Omni) and building impactful dashboards.
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams.
  • Solid understanding of KPIs across various business functions (sales, product, finance, operations, etc.).
  • Strong problem-solving skills and a proactive attitude toward tackling complex data challenges.

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