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Y Combinator Startup Internships, Summer 2021
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At a YC startup, you'll jump into fast-paced, mission critical projects from day one, work directly with founders and early engineers, and build real-world software development skills. At the end of your internship, you'll look back and see features you worked on ship to production and be used by real people.

If you might want to join a startup full-time (or start your own someday), working at an early stage company is the best way to find out what it’s like. And because we know that interns learn a lot of valuable skills at our startups, we’ll also give special consideration to anyone who interns at a YC company and then goes on to apply to YC as a founder.

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“The founders are also my mentors, and have created a strong sense of trust and community that keeps me connected to my work.”

Noelle Lim, Together Software

“Even as an intern, I had a say in key decisions of our startup. And then I got to actually build and ship the ideas I came up with.”

Andrew Burns, Balto

“I got to learn directly from senior engineers who previously were at Google, and work in a small team to solve very complex problems.”

Janhavi Dahihande, Thunkable

Read more about life as a YC startup intern from Lucious McDaniel IV (FloRecruit) on the Work at a Startup Blog.

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Open Internship Roles

Who should apply

Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply for a range of roles, including engineering, product, design, operations and more. The companies hiring interns are predominantly in the SF Bay Area and NYC, but most are hiring for remote positions.

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