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"I was contacted by Christina and Eric [Vanta's founders] directly, and met with them straightaway. The company already had customers and had made strong technology decisions."

Tom Denham, Full Stack Engineer, Vanta

"On Work at a Startup, I went from clicking apply to getting an offer from companies in maybe 3 to 4 weeks."

Ben Beltzer, Senior Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer

"Bilal [Clearbrain's CEO] has been a great manager, and has treated me like a peer, from day one. I’ve gotten to be a part of the decision making process every step of the way."

Cynthia Rogers, Senior Software Engineer, Clearbrain

"I wanted a place where I could become a better engineer, and also be close to customers. So many YC companies were well funded and fit those criteria."

Daanish Mazhar, Software Engineer, Gordian Software