Software Engineer - AI (United States) at FlutterFlow (W21)
$150K - $400K  •  
Application Development Platform (Native Mobile + Web Apps)
Mountain View, CA, US / New York, NY, US / Remote (US)
3+ years
About FlutterFlow

We're building a visual application development platform with the goal of dramatically improving the time to market and quality of digital experiences for our customers. FlutterFlow helps companies improve developer efficiency, accelerate project timelines, and reduce costs for large-scale business applications. Our customers include some of the largest banking, consulting, telecom, and manufacturing companies in the world.

We have more than 1M users in more than 200 countries worldwide.

We’re a remote first team headquartered in the SF Bay Area. We have offices in Mountain View, New York, and Singapore.

About the role
Skills: Flutter, Dart, Firebase, Python

We are looking for an experienced AI Engineer to join our dynamic and innovative team. As an AI Engineer, you will collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop and deploy state-of-the-art solutions in application development. You will be responsible for enhancing our products by integrating cutting-edge AI/LLMs, and ensuring they are scalable, reliable, and performant.

This is a remote-first position, based anywhere in the United States, but we have offices in Mountain View, CA and NYC.

What You Will Work On

  1. Design, develop, and implement AI models / LLMs to solve complex business problems and improve user experiences.
  2. Conduct exploratory data analysis, feature engineering, and data preprocessing to extract insights and optimize model performance.
  3. Collaborate with software engineers to deploy and integrate AI models into production systems, ensuring scalability, stability, and reliability.
  4. Perform thorough testing and evaluation of AI models to ensure their accuracy, efficiency, and robustness.
  5. Optimize algorithms and models for real-time or low-latency applications, considering resource constraints and performance requirements.
  6. Keep up-to-date with the latest research and advancements in AI/ML technologies, sharing knowledge and insights with the team.
  7. Work closely with stakeholders to understand their requirements, suggest strategic AI/ML initiatives, and continuously improve existing solutions.

Who you are

  • 4+ years of real-world full-time experience developing or implementing software.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field is commonly required. A Master's or Ph.D. in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, or a related field is highly desirable.
  • Strong ML research background in conjunction with and strong coding experience.
  • You have a start-up mentality. You understand shipping a feature early and learning from the result is more important than perfecting it.
  • You are always willing to roll up your sleeves and pitch in when the team needs help.
  • AI/LLM Expertise: In-depth knowledge and expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning techniques. Familiarity with popular AI/ML libraries and frameworks (e.g., TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn) is essential.
  • Willing to travel quarterly for team summits, these may include two to three international trips per year.


  • Live anywhere in the US
  • Generous salary and equity package
  • Full Health/Vision/Dental benefits (US-based employees)
  • 401k
  • Flexible Vacation / Sick Leave
  • Flexible work hours

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