Frontend Engineer at PlayHT at Play (W23)
$80K - $120K  •  0.10% - 0.40%
We build human-like Voice AI that customers love speaking with.
1+ years
About Play
About the role
Skills: Design systems, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, React, TypeScript (YC23) is building the future platform for generative media; we have the industry's highest-quality Speech Synthesis and Voice Cloning models.

We are looking for Full-time Fullstack Engineers to join us to build the platform that will empower millions of creators to use the power of generative AI to create content of all types.

Join us as a founding engineer and help build the future of media and content creation.

The perfect candidate is a reliable autonomous engineer with a growth mindset and experience in Javascript, Reactjs, and Nodejs, preferably Firebase, Expressjs, and AWS knowledge.

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