Software Engineer at Vorticity (S19)
The Fastest Scientific Computing Platform on the Planet
San Francisco Bay Area / Remote
Any (new grads ok)
About Vorticity

As passionate scientists and engineers, we are well aware of the plethora of critical problems in the world that cannot be solved because humanity simply does not have enough computing power. To address this, Vorticity is developing a radically new silicon chip architecture and system to dramatically accelerate scientific computing problems.

Vorticity’s mission is to expand human ingenuity. To do that we are building a team of exceptional people to work together on big problems. Join us!

About the role
Skills: C++, Python, CUDA

About The Role

As a core software developer, you will directly impact how scientific computing applications are executed on CPUs, GPUs to our own hardware. In this position, you will develop software for compilation, optimization, execution, acceleration, debugging, profiling, and/or integration of scientific computing applications.


  • Develop software in C++, CUDA or Python to optimize, compile, and/or execute scientific computing applications and numerical solutions to complex partial differential equations.
  • Measure, analyze, debug, and improve the software stack that supports these models
  • Integrate and deploy successful improvements into production software releases and to customers


  • Strong proficiency in C/C++, CUDA and Python
  • Ability to operate at multiple levels of abstraction in a complex software system
  • Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics or related educational background. (Positions are available at all levels of seniority.)

Preferred Skills

  • Familiarity with numerical methods to solve PDEs (finite difference methods etc.)
  • Strong knowledge of computer science fundamentals

Our fully integrated system is built from the ground up for scientific computing. We are innovating at every level - from silicon design, to memory, power delivery, cooling to new algorithms and system architectures to solve a myriad of scientific problems. Problems we currently solve include but are not limited to: Small molecule drug discovery for critically ill oncology patients, discovering ideal locations to store CO2 after capture to stave off climate change and designing the next generation hypersonic aircraft.

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