Acho (W20)
A GUI for data engineering tasks

Senior Full-Stack Developer (Front-end focused)

$120k - $160k1.00% - 3.00%

Boston, MA / Remote
3+ years
About Acho

Acho helps analysts build data pipeline with no coding. Within a few clicks, an analyst can build a database for data she/he gets from Google Analytics, Stripe or any third-party app. The team is currently based in Boston. We're looking for developers preferably with 2-3 years of experience.

About the role

Skills: Vue.js, MySQL, Node.js, React, React Native, Linux


Acho is building the next-gen cloud data platform for teams across industries to access their data assets with great functionalities and visibility. Today, hundreds of business teams use Acho to transform their processes and unlock more value from their data than ever before. Team Acho is engineering-focused and collaborative. Backed by Y Combinator, VCs, and industry leaders, we aim to solve some of the hardest problems in the data space today.

As an engineer, you'll work on a variety of products and problems all across our company. You'll generate great product ideas, as well as architect, implement, and release them.

We love engineers owning projects, from start to finish. For example, new features often start off as customer ideas. So it could be your responsibility to talk to the customer and scope out what a solution might look like, in addition to actually building it, testing it, documenting it, and releasing iterating on it with the customer.


BS or Master degree in Computer Science

1-3 years of experience in Frontend Development

You are passionate about technology and thrive in a dynamic environment with a focus on creative innovation over absolute perfection

Architecting, building, and maintaining web applications

Proficient in modern web client-side technologies and frameworks (Experience with Vue.js is preferred)

Excellent communication skills in verbal and written English

Necessary Skills


Modern JavaScript Framework (Experience with Vue.js is preferred)

Experience with SSR is a must

SEO Optimization


API Design

Database (MySQL, MongoDB, etc.)


  •          HTML & CSS
  •          Javascript (Vue.js, bootstrap, axios, redux, google analytics, jquery, datatables, webpack)
  •          RESTful API Design & Implementation (OpenAPI)
  •          MySQL Commands & Utilities (Mysqldump...)
  •          Elasticsearch
  •          DynamoDB
  •          Docker & Docker-compose
  •          Python3 (Requests, PyMySQL, SQLAlchemy, Scrapy, multiprocessing, apscheduler, pandas, numpy...)
  •          Linux Commands & Utilities (Ubuntu, screen, crontab)
  •          Kubernetes (GKE)
  •          Load Balancer (Ingress)
  •          Compute Engine (GCE)
  •          Cloud Endpoint
  •          MySQL (Cloud SQL)

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