Staff Full-Stack Software Engineer at Athelas (S16)
$120K - $200K  •  
Digital tools for healthcare providers
Mountain View, CA, US
6+ years
About Athelas

Athelas is a Sequoia funded biotech startup working on modern, point-of-care diagnostics using Machine Learning. Our main product is an FDA cleared device for immunoresponse monitoring. We're scaling deployments rapidly across the country, and our customer base includes major pharmaceutical companies. If you're interested in modernizing healthcare and working at the intersection of machine learning and healthcare, we are the right place for you.

Athelas is a small, creative, and hard-working team and we're looking for individuals with a founder-type mentality to join us.

About the role

Every day, it feels like healthcare becomes less about the practice of medicine. Hospitals and private practices operate on razor-thin margins, caught between the bureaucracy of insurance companies and ballooning administrative costs. And technological advancements — from electronic health record systems to dictation software — have failed to live up to their promise of making the lives of all healthcare staff easier. 

Athelas' mission is to once again make health the focus of healthcare by using AI and automation to eliminate distractions and keep providers connected to their patients throughout the care journey.

The Athelas suite of automated and AI-enabled hardware, software, and services results in happier and healthier patients, less time wasted on administrative tasks, safer staff, and more reliable insurance reimbursements. Since merging with Commure, our growing suite of solutions now includes:

  • Patient Engagement - Commure Engage empowers providers to connect with their patients throughout the care journey, reducing no-shows and improving health outcomes
  • Workflow Automation - PatientKeeper and other workflow tools automate repetitive tasks, allowing healthcare workers to spend more time with patients 
  • Staff Safety - _Commure Strongline _protects staff from workplace violence by empowering them to call for help to de-escalate potentially violent situations  
  • At-Home Monitoring - Athelas Care Management offers a suite of remote sensors that allow doctors to bring healthcare into the home, saving lives through early intervention
  • Billing Solutions - Athelas RCM offers AI-driven, full-cycle revenue cycle management solutions that optimize claims submission, ensuring insurers pay every dollar they owe for work performed by healthcare providers
  • Automated Dictation - _Athelas Scribe _utilizes the power of LLMs to record and automatically summarize appointments, saving doctors countless hours every day

Athelas takes a provider-focused approach to healthcare and the healthcare industry has noticed. We’ve grown more than 500% year over year for three consecutive years. We support more than 250,000 clinicians and staff and hundreds of thousands of patients across hundreds of care sites. And we’re just getting started. Backed by General Catalyst, Sequoia, and many other leading investors, Athelas & Commure is positioned to be the defining healthcare tech company of the next 15 years.

If you're eager to advance our mission to make health the focus of healthcare, come join us!

About the Role

Our team is looking for a software engineer to work on and help build our health-tech products. If you love working on important, exciting problems in healthcare and love shipping quickly, come join us! We are currently looking for team members open to coming into the Mountain View office regularly, 4-5 days a week.

What You’ll Do

  • Build end-to-end products to revolutionize the revenue cycle management process for providers
  • Be a part of a tremendously fast-paced team that celebrates fast execution and decisions
  • Work across the entire software stack
  • Work with a stack that includes Python, Javascript, Vue, React Native, Flask, and other frameworks

What You Have

  • [Required] Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field, or equivalent extensive experience
  • 6+ years of professional software development industry experience
  • [Preferred] Strong Backend/Full-Stack Programming Skills (Must be comfortable with Python)
  • [Preferred] Familiarity with Frontend JS technologies (React, Vue, etc.)
  • [Preferred] Experience in environments where you have to ship quickly. We move fast.
  • Basic Understanding of Containers and Cloud (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Excitement to work in a high impact field with a builder attitude!
  • Experience building production environments
    • Alerting and reporting
    • Metrics tracking
    • Software reliability engineering
    • Great product sense
  • Attention to detail around user experience and customer needs
  • Extremely motivated to grow
  • Strong mentorship skills

Why You’ll Like Working with Athelas

  • Execution focused, driven team: Join a team with an incredible record - we are the smallest, fastest company in history to receive FDA hematology clearance. We are also the largest Remote Patient Monitoring company in the US, with a fast-growing SaaS Revenue Cycle Management business as well
  • Technology Focus: Revolutionizing how technology can be used in the healthcare industry
  • Strong Backing: $132M Series B raised from the likes of Sequoia, General Catalyst, Tribe, Y Combinator
  • Mission Driven: We are changing the way healthcare is provided, bringing it directly to the people who need it with technology-enabled solutions
  • Incredible Growth: Revenue growth of 5x over the past 6 months and we're just getting started!
  • Competitive Benefits: Unlimited PTO, medical, dental, vision, excellent maternity and paternity paid time off.

Athelas is committed to creating and fostering a diverse team. We are open to all backgrounds and levels of experience, and believe that great people can always find a place. We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations to all applicants throughout the application process.

Employees will act in accordance with the organization’s information security policies, to include but not limited to protecting assets from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, destruction or interference nor execute particular security processes or activities. Employees will report to the information security office any confirmed or potential events or other risks to the organization.

Employees will be required to attest to these requirements upon hire and on an annual basis.


Machine Learning

Our device captures high resolution images of blood smears which we analyze using internally CNNs. Our networks are responsible for segmenting cells, classifying them, and deciding which images include valid and invalid samples. In addition, we have specially designed networks for classifying abnormal cells (blast cells, giant platelets, nucleated red blood cells) that require additional intervention.


Our hardware stack includes custom objective lenses and image sensors to provide the optimal tradeoff for field of view and cell resolution. Our device includes an onboard linux processor, motor drivers, and a linear actuator for orienting and moving the sample. We are always looking to improve our imaging stack to provide more powerful images for analysis.

Clinic Product

We provide customers (clinics) a web-based interface for analyzing results, looking up patient history, and integrating directly with pharmacies. Our frontend is built entirely in react and redux.

Server API

Our APIs are built using flask and sqlalchemy with a postgres database. Our infrastructure is hosted using Kubernetes on GCP. We believe in simple, reliable infrastructure that allows us to spend most of our time on improving our tests and adding new ones.

Interview Process
  1. Initial Conversation
  2. 45-Minute Technical Interview (Python Technical + General) - Must know Python
  3. 2-Hour Full-Stack Virtual On-Site Interview (Technical + General)
  4. Follow-Up Conversations with Eng Leadership

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