Solutions Engineer at Secoda (S21)
$120 - $160 CAD  •  
The second brain for your data team
Hybrid in Toronto / Remote Canada / Remote (CA)
3+ years
About Secoda

Secoda makes the experience of exploring and using data as intuitive, fast, and useful as using Google Search. Secoda stands for searchable company data and our vision is to continue to work towards a tool that makes browsing for data knowledge as easy as finding a website on Google.

About the role

Secoda makes the experience of exploring and using data as intuitive, fast, and useful as using Google Search. When hiring, we prioritize candidates who are ambitious, self-starters, and great teammates. We have a deep sense of ownership, and believe every employee should have an impact on Secoda and its mission. 

We are hiring a Solutions Engineer to join our Customer Success team. In this role, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the success of our customers by providing technical expertise, guiding them through the implementation process, and offering solutions tailored to their unique needs. We value ambitious, self-starting individuals who thrive in a collaborative environment and are committed to making a significant impact on both Secoda and its mission. With our product being technical in nature, this person will bridge the gap between the clients' technical needs and the solutions Secoda provides.

Role and responsibilities:

  • Serve as a subject matter expert on Secoda's products and solutions, understanding the technical aspects of our platform to support our customers’ needs. Good understanding of how to implement APIs. 

  • Collaborate closely with customers to understand their business requirements, challenges, and objectives, offering catered solutions to meet their needs. Help shape the product based on customer feedback and prioritize product quality improvement.

  • Guide customers through the implementation process, ensuring a seamless and efficient onboarding experience, and troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise.

  • Act as a liaison between customers and our product & engineering team, providing valuable insights and feedback to help enhance the functionality and user experience of our product.

  • Develop and deliver training sessions to educate customers on best practices, features, and functionality. Create documentation to assist customers in utilizing Secoda's solutions effectively.

  • Work closely with cross-functional teams, including Sales, Engineering, and Customer Success

  • Stay on top of industry trends, emerging technologies, and competitors to maintain a deep understanding of the modern data and AI landscape

The ideal candidate should have:

  • At least 3 years experience in a customer facing technical role

  • Strong technical background in data, with hands-on experience in SQL

  • Demonstrated ability to understand customer needs and provide effective solutions. 

  • Proven ability to analyze and solve complex technical problems, both independently and collaboratively.

  • A collaborative mindset with the ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

  • Takes initiative, assumes ownership of tasks, and consistently delivers high-quality results.

  • Outstanding presentation and communication skills, both verbal and written.

  • Proficiency in translating complex technical information into simple terms for non-technical stakeholders.

Nice to haves:

  • A good technical understanding of MDS and data discovery tools.

  • Experience selling / working with highly technical customers like engineers, data professionals, CTOs, etc. 

About Secoda

What we offer: 

  • Competitive pay and equity 

  • Unlimited paid time off 

  • Flexible working environment (remote & hybrid) and work from anywhere in our time zones

  • Competitive health benefits 

  • Home office stipend

  • Learning and development budget ($1000 per year) 

  • Company off-sites and team events

  • Parental leave

Who we are: 

  • Curious: We lead with a genuine interest in customers, data, and the unknown. We work hard to understand other points of view, and ask great questions to investigate what is right.

  • Tough: Resilience is key in the unpredictable startup landscape. We embrace audacious goals, understanding that occasional setbacks serve as opportunities to refine our abilities.

  • Humble: We embody humility, eschewing arrogance and complacency while fostering an inclusive atmosphere for all. We remain open to change, recognizing that many of our existing practices may require improvement.

  • Analytical: We are data driven. Our commitment to data-driven decision-making ensures that we are precise, informed, and effective in our actions. We rely on data to guide our strategies and measure our success.

  • Ambitious: We aim for excellence with ambition, not arrogance. We nurture inclusivity and remain open to improving our practices on our journey to be our best.

How we work:

  • Win together: We work and collaborate and celebrate as a team. We leave ego at the door and prioritize the outcomes of the group over individual achievements.

  • Customer First: We are always optimizing the customer's experience, we put ourselves in the customer's shoes and always deliver nothing less than the best for our customers.

  • Lightning fast: We focus on what matters most, make fast initial progress, and iterate toward the best outcome. We don't get caught in analysis paralysis, we make decisions using imperfect information with reliable frameworks.

  • Pixel Perfect: We take immense pride in our work and strive for excellence in everything we do. From the smallest tasks to the most significant projects, we pay attention to detail and aim for the highest standards of quality

  • Own it: We don't wait for problems to arise; we proactively identify and address potential issues.

  • Puzzle Pieces: We respect each person's unique strengths and ways of thinking. In our team, everyone's contribution is welcome and valued. Our uniqueness sparks creativity, leading to innovative ideas and solutions.

If your experience aligns with this role you're looking for an exciting opportunity to join an early-stage startup, then we want to hear from you!


At Secoda there are many interesting technical challenges that come when building a collaborative data knowledge base. To give an idea of some of the projects you could be working on, here's an overview of some of the pieces of technology we've built so far.

Secoda's platform is built on top of a PostgresSQL database that makes organizing data resources and finding the between them simple and flexible. We have designed our own SQL parser to automatically find the lineage of data resources in a company's data ecosystem. We have created a SQL editor to run queries against popular data warehouses and built charting capabilities to showcase query results. We've implemented a task engine to schedule and run concurrent extractions from data sources. All of the components in Secoda are organized into a micro-service architecture leveraging Docker containers in AWS.

We've just scratched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to problems that we're solving, so if the idea of working to make data be more accessible and and easy to use excites you, come work at Secoda!

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