Founding VP of Engineering at Artisan (W24)
$120K - $200K  •  0.25% - 1.00%
AI Employees Called Artisans, Starting With A BDR
San Francisco, CA, US / New York, NY, US / Remote (US)
6+ years
About Artisan

At Artisan, we're on a mission to create the most advanced human-like digital workers, called Artisans, and the software operating system for startups across verticals. We're starting with sales through our Artisan Sales platform and Ava, The Sales Rep Artisan.

Our first Artisan, Ava, is a BDR who automates the entire outbound sales process and can be set up with a 10-minute conversation. Ava creates the user's ICP, prospects with her database of over 270M contacts, does lead research, crafts & sends highly bespoke email sequences, and books meetings into sales reps' calendars.

We recently launched Artisan Labs, our research lab where we're pioneering the foundational technologies required to create human-like digital workers.

This is the next Industrial Revolution.

About the role
Skills: Python, Redis, PostgreSQL

Artisan is seeking a VP of Engineering to become part of our rapidly expanding team. We're on a mission to create human-like digital workers, and the software operating system for startups across different verticals. Our first Artisan, Ava, is a BDR - she's been available to hire in beta for the past 2 months. We've raised a pre-seed of over $4M, and are gearing up to take the product to the next level! Whoever fills this role will take a position of leadership in our engineering team, ensuring we build our product in an exceptional & scalable way.


  • Ensure we are following best practices across the engineering org.
  • Put systems in place to efficiently manage engineering processes and resources.
  • Stay closely in the loop with the CEO and Product Lead, and determine the engineering roadmap.
  • Support with the expansion of our engineering team, and hire outstanding engineers.
  • Manage the international engineering org, maintaining strict quality standards.
  • Maintain a high-quality codebase.
  • Stay updated on the latest backend technologies and trends, and incorporate them to ensure the technology stack remains modern and competitive.
  • Help to define, and ensure we meet our ambitious product roadmap.
  • Both hands-on coding and strategy/management.

Must-Have Skills

  • A proven track record in engineering leadership.
  • A history of work at B2B SaaS companies
  • Proficiency in Python, FastAPI, Docker, PostgreSQL, Celery, Redis.
  • 6+ years' experience with Python.
  • Strong intuition on system design.
  • Familiarity with JavaScript and frontend technologies.
  • Solid experience with setting up and maintaining CI/CD pipelines.


  • Unlimited PTO.
  • Great 100% coverage health, dental & vision insurance.
  • Generous equity.

We're on a mission to build a $100bn company, and the future of work - are you joining?

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