ML Engineer Intern at Quack AI (S23)
€22K - €26K EUR  •  
Make collaborative software development scale efficiently
Paris, IDF, FR
About Quack AI

What we're building

Quack AI was founded to make collaborative software development scale efficiently. We're building the team alignment layer for developers: enabling them to craft a consistent representative for their team's coding style. Our starting point is to facilitate the curation & compliance of coding guidelines that serve as principles for automatic code reviews and coding assistance to the IDE.

How we work

Ownership and high standards are the main ingredients of our success recipe. Bring your best to the team, and we'll make sure to make it worth the ride. Our ambition is to transform collaborative software development, so we're committed to nurturing an ambitious and positive company culture.

For now, we work together in-person in Paris (mostly at Station F, world's largest startup campus, and Agoranov, the best French deeptech incubator) until we find a stronger Product-Market-Fit.

Feedback & contributions

For applications, please stick to this platform. This is easier for our team, as we go through every application & reply. But if you have other reasons (product feedback, OSS contributions), feel free to open an issue/PR/discussion on GitHub, send us a message on Twitter, or come chat on our Discord server.

About the role
Skills: Torch/PyTorch, ML, Python, Linux, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement learning (RL), Natural Language Processing, CUDA

You will be the first member of the ML team and will grow along with it. As such, your responsibilities will start in model improvement but grow with our internal team & open-source research. During your internship, you will:

  • establish a coherent way to evaluate our models on code-related tasks that are relevant for actual usage
  • fine-tune LLMs for code-related tasks (can't make promises about training from scratch)
  • integrate or create rich new datasets to feed into your training experiments
  • Work with other teammates to integrate the models you trained in Quack products

About you

As an engineer, you have a disturbing obsession with making something useful, not something shiny. Your curious nature makes you excited about modern technologies and tools (e.g. ChatGPT and/or GitHub Copilot are in your daily toolset). Your peers describe you as humble, and you make sure to always learn new things however experienced you may be. This drives you not to shy away from community/user feedback, but instead to seek the hard truth and iterate.

In short, you will probably be a good fit if you:

  • have already founded or intend to found a startup at some point
  • spend more time on your favorite newsfeed (e.g. Twitter, GitHub) browsing the latest models and research papers. Although given the choice, you'd prefer to share your model checkpoint and your code publicly, rather than spending weeks writing the research paper for citations.
  • have experience with deep learning frameworks (PyTorch), NLP (Transformers, etc.) and GPUs (e.g. you've seem OOM & you know a few tricks to mitigate them).
  • you have already trained or finetuned deep learning models (computer vision or NLP) and you're also comfortable running inference with LLMs (not 3rd party API).
  • are comfortable using Python (more than Jupyter notebooks) and GitHub, you focus on results but you don't leave a mess behind. Open-source experience is big plus.

Please note we only consider internships onsite, for a period of 5-6 months! The internship is meant to lead to a full-time position.


Our modeling approach is to create a well-crafted consumable context that represents a team's coding logic/style. This context is then used to generate review comments on the fly and make code suggestions accordingly.

Our stack is PyTorch for R&D, Python for backend, React / Next JS for frontend.

Interview Process

Keep in mind that the following process is meant to evolve but use this as a guide.

  • Screening: please DO include your GitHub profile & portfolio/uploaded models (remember, we are close to the OSS community and we need to assess efficiently the relevance of applications), and stick to this platform to apply (no use messaging on LinkedIn, etc.). Oh and your Leetcode really doesn't matter, show us what you've built instead. We go through every application and we're committed to giving feedback to everybody.
  • First call: informal call to evaluate whether this could be a good fit for you & us.
  • Home assignment: short technical challenge
  • Technical interview & cultural fit: longer format call to dive into your tech skills and how well we could work together.
  • Final decision

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