Business Analyst Intern (May-August 2024) at Hedgehog (S22)
$1K  •  
Building robotic mushroom farms
San Francisco, CA, US
About Hedgehog

Hedgehog is a climate tech startup building robotic mushroom farms. By using robots to automate production and AI to optimize growing conditions, we grow mushrooms for ~1/3rd the cost. Soon, we will use fungi to also produce mycelium protein, organic chemicals, and animal feed. Our method of cultivating fungi completes a circular food supply. Fungi transform agricultural waste into protein-rich food without using arable land or irrigation. We’re building technology to efficiently cultivate the broad set of fungal solutions that nature has provided.

Hedgehog is led by Jamie Balsillie (McKinsey & Co., Indigo Ag, Stanford MBA) and Wilson Ruotolo (UVA Engineering, Stanford Robotics PhD) and funded by Y Combinator, Haystack, and Nate Storey (Co-founder & CSO of Plenty Ag).

About the role

The Business Analyst Intern will report directly to Jamie Balsillie, CEO, owning high priority projects. This will be a close working relationship, meeting multiple times a day to share learnings and feedback. Example projects include: designing and implementing distribution operations, financial modeling and managing debt fundraising, development of sales materials, and owning operations and procurement for new technology builds. This is a full-time paid role for a 3-4 month internship. This is an ideal role for an MBA student or rising senior.

This will be a fast-paced, high ownership role with significant support and mentorship. For any project, the Business Analyst Intern will be expected to recommend their approach, integrate feedback from the team, and take responsibility for successful execution. We plan to spend significant time mentoring and guiding the Business Analyst Intern, but for them to ultimately take independent ownership of their projects.

Qualifications. We’re looking to hire a graduate or undergraduate student who demonstrates exceptional eagerness to grow, intelligence, and mission alignment. These traits should be demonstrated with:

  • High GPA
  • Significant initiative and achievement beyond class. This can include student organizations, part-time work, research, athletics, or arts
  • History of contribution to mission-driven causes This role is ideally suited for students interested in entrepreneurship, venture-backed startups, or management consulting.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Hedgehog is an inclusive workplace and is eager to build a diverse team. We welcome all students enrolled in an undergraduate program to apply.


We’re building robotics to automate each step of production and AI to optimize growing conditions. Autonomous dexterous manipulation harvests, breaks down, and packages the mushrooms. Computer vision and low-cost sensors power decisions like when to harvest. AI optimizes >30 parameters to maximize yield. Eliminating labor and increasing yield will reduce costs by 70%+.

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