Software Engineer at Agave (W22)
Plaid for Construction
SF / Bay Area
3+ years
About Agave

Agave is the Unified API for Construction. Like Plaid does for banking, we offer a single API to read/write data across software used in construction and real estate (project management, accounting/ERP, scheduling, cloud storage, etc.).

About the role
Skills: PHP, React, TypeScript, Software Architecture, Software Security, PostgreSQL

tl;dr: full-stack eng. (second hire) at seed-stage API startup in Construction.

What we’re looking for:

  • Full-stack dev. with experience building complex systems quickly.
  • Familiarity with cloud infrastructure, multi-tenant systems, and building dev. tools (e.g. APIs).
  • Self-motivated, high ownership, low ego; desire to work on a fast-paced, intense, fun team.
  • Excited to be our second Eng. hire; passion for building a world-class Eng. culture, on par with Stripe.

More about us:

  • We’re a data-integration API and analytics platform for the $12T Construction industry.
  • We’re a team of 5 who worked together for 6 years, first at Graphiq (acq. by Amazon) then at Alexa.
  • We just raised $3M from YC, Accel (Facebook, Slack, Cloudera, Segment, etc.), founders of Plaid and Mailbox, and founders/execs at Procore, Autodesk, PlanGrid, Fieldwire, and others.

Happy to provide to applicants who express interest.

Interview Process

Phone Screen (30 minutes) This stage is a more informal call for you to learn more about the role, and for you to evaluate whether it’s a good fit for you.

We are looking for people with a strong interest in joining an early stage startup and working on complex technical challenges in a hard industry (Construction). In this chat, you’re welcome to ask lots of questions about whether working at Agave makes sense for you.

This conversation also will cover some light technical discussion about your past projects. Mostly, we want to know that you can code and ship fairly involved systems, and speak to them with clarity on the details. This tends to be a good indication that a software developer had strong ownership and showed autonomy in making product or technical decisions.

Interview (4 hours over 1-2 days) The interview is a deeper dive into technical abilities and overall fit.

For the “fit” portion, we look for examples of ownership and autonomy, but also dig deeper into communication (i.e. how you communicate your approach, solutions, and overall thinking). We use Amazon’s Leadership Principles (LPs) to help frame our evaluation (details below). We recommend preparing examples that you can speak to in depth for each LP.

Each interview is 1 hour long, with 50 minutes allocated for the technical portion, and 10 minutes for Q&A. Each interview in more detail:

  • Interview 1: Samantha will ask questions related to the LPs of “Ownership”, “Invent and Simplify,” and “Learn and Be Curious.”
  • Interview 2: John will cover Systems Design and the LP “Have Backbone, Disagree and Commit. For Systems Design, we are looking for familiarity with building systems, specifically those that collect, store, and present data. Our aim is understand how you identify and evaluate trade-offs in designing systems.
  • Interview 3: Pooria will ask about technical challenges you solved in your current role and cover a coding exercise.
  • Interview 4: Tom will ask questions related to the LPs of “Deliver Results” and “Bias for Action”, and handling ambiguity.

We will make decisions quickly (i.e. < 1 week) between the Phone Screen and Interview.

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