Biodock (W21)
Cloud AI microscopy automation

Founding Full-stack JS Engineer

$130k - $150k0.40% - 0.75%

Austin, TX
3+ years
About Biodock

Biodock is a cutting-edge, seed-stage bio AI startup backed by Andreessen Horowitz and Y Combinator (seed blog post here). We are building the future of AI cloud computing for microscopy images, NGS sequencing data, and more. Advances in our technology translate directly to advances in disease understanding and treatment. We give our product for free to academic scientists as part of our mission to accelerate research around the world.

About the role

Skills: JavaScript, MongoDB, Node.js, React, TypeScript

ℹ️ About the Position

Biodock runs AI bioanalysis in the cloud, which users access through our dashboard. We are expanding functionality to run AI models, manage data, and visualize results within our dynamic app, and looking for talented engineers to own the application and drive development with backend engineers from the ground up.

This position says founding engineer. We really mean that. We're a team of 4 plus 2 contractors right now (5/6 are software engineers), so you'd be one of the first engineers and make a massive impact. You'd build critical features from the ground up, and deliver 5x faster than you have at previous jobs. We're looking for someone who is serious about building, and who can wear many hats.

We just hired some amazing engineers - full-stack engineer from Facebook and an ML/backend engineer from Pinterest - work with the best!

🔨 What you'll do

  • Take full ownership of our Biodock's full-stack web platform, all the way to deploys, monitoring, debugging, and overall reliability.
  • Work on our modern React/Apollo GraphQL/Typescript/Mongo/Typescript based web stack to build dynamic analysis methods in the cloud.
  • Work together with backend engineers to coordinate AI and image processing pipelines to work with our web application.
  • Be exposed to every level of the company, working closely with the CEO to meet business goals and working off customer feedback.

🙋 Who you are

  • You’re a full-stack engineering specialist or software engineering generalist with 2+ years of industry experience in a React/Typescript based stack. People describe you as "extremely productive."
  • Big bonus points for GraphQL/Apollo, Python/Numpy, or devops experience.
  • You have experience in areas such as databases, UX implementation, debugging, and full-stack performance measurement and optimization.
  • You have a strong background in computer science with a degree in CS or a related field.
  • You're flexible, trustworthy, energetic, and a great communicator
  • You're willing to make the move to Austin, Texas, where our home office will be located.

💰 Benefits

  • Competitive pay and equity compensation
  • Competitive medical, vision, and dental insurance coverage
  • 401k account option
  • Unlimited vacation/sick leave
  • Developer fundamentals: work Macbook Pro, standing desk, headphones/huge monitor/peripherals, office amenities.
  • Modern productivity software: Linear (task management), Notion, Airtable, Miro


Our tech-stack is a modern web and AI backend stack

Web (Full-stack JS) - Mongo, React, Node/Express, MobX, Typescript deployed on AWS. Ant Design, TailwindCSS. Backend (Python) - Processing servers deployed on AWS with RabbitMQ queueing, AI API through Cortex GPU clusters deployed on AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).

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Founding Full-stack JS Engineer
Austin, TX
Full Stack
$130k - $150k
0.40% - 0.75%
3+ years