Prefix (W21)
Frictionless, future-proof robotic process automation.

Senior Frontend Engineer

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1+ years
About Prefix

We're bringing modern technology to enterprise robotic process automation (RPA), software that allows folks to automate virtually any rule-based set of actions on computers. We've seen automation products take plenty of forms over the last decade, but for RPA in particular, the past year has been like none other. Budget cuts and labor shortages are leaving many businesses sorely understaffed, and, for many, automation has categorically shifted from an option to a necessity.

Prefix is an incredibly young company, but is quickly finding deep roots in various government organizations and emerging technology companies.

About the role

Skills: JavaScript, React

Nearly all our largest competitors are massive products built over a decade ago, and require large services organizations to operate-- our goal is to ensure our users are getting an accessible computer automation platform they’ll be able to use by themselves, and extract immediate value from.

Your role

As a young company, you’ll be joining Prefix as a founding engineer, and your work will without a doubt make a direct contribution to our core platform and our customer experience. You’ll collaborate directly with leadership in designing and building our automation studio, work closely with our backend engineers in wiring the product up to live data, and talk with our customers and design partners to identify and prioritize the right features. You’re unafraid to say no to outdated industry standards & design practices, but also recognize and seek to understand the reasoning behind them.

RPA tools are difficult pieces of software to build, and as a technical team there’s a ton of exciting work we have cut out for ourselves. We value strong engineers who are ready to add to our vision for what the future of computer automation software looks like, prepared to occasionally fill in the blanks on product requirements, experienced enough to create highly performant user interfaces, and responsible enough to push themselves to meet launch dates.

Qualities we’re looking for

  • Strong object oriented design and programming skills. Your work is organized and legible to others.
  • Have a high bar for your work; you'd never call code "released" until it’s something you’re proud of.
  • Confident in owning your role, and bringing creative ideas to the hands of our users. You know your expertise, but you’re not against learning new technologies where necessary.
  • Keen awareness of disconnects between what we understand to be intuitive as a highly technical team, and what makes sense for our users.

Skills we’ll need

  • BS or MS degree in Computer Science, or equivalent.
  • Strong knowledge of core JavaScript (ES6), Vue.js, Vuex, React, HTML, and CSS.
  • Understanding of REST APIs and efficient integration patterns with modern web applications.
  • Awareness of cross-browser compatibility issues and client-side performance considerations.
  • Front-end technical expertise, strong UX and product sense with the ability to negotiate the right MVP.
  • Clear & proactive communication, not afraid to give your honest opinions on our work so far and help us improve our abilities.

We’re also excited to see…

  • Experience building enterprise web applications
  • Experience working on Electron applications
  • Experience in Chrome extension development
  • Experience building interfaces and application logic for “editor” applications


We seek to be the last automation solution for our customers and place an incredibly heavy priority on user experience and platform scalability. Some of our more fascinating challenges include:

  • Orchestrating automations with both browser and desktop actions
  • Tracing errors in automations to specific, plausible points of failure, and producing errors non-experts can interpret
  • Building extensibility into the platform (customers should be able to modify/customize their automation editors internally)
  • Intelligently monitoring desktops to automatically identify opportunities for automation within a business

Due to the expansive nature of our work, we make use of a wide variety of programming languages. Evidenced expertise in electron application development, front-end development in Vue.js, browser test automation in Node.js, desktop automation, or scalable back-end development in Java is strongly preferred. Involvement with (or at minimum cursory knowledge of) RPA or process management also a huge plus.

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