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Electronics factory automation


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41 Corsham Street, London / Remote
3+ years
About CircuitHub

We're building a future where hardware companies can design and iterate as fast as software companies

CircuitHub is on a mission to fix rapid electronics prototyping. We are the first automated electronics factory built around a modern tech stack. We help hardware companies producing self driving cars, satellites, 3D printers, robotics, & more to rapidly prototype electronics and get to market faster.

We've raised $3.5M from top investors that include Y Combinator , Google Ventures, & more. With business growing fast we are looking to fill roles in Massachusetts, USA and London, UK .

Join us to solve real world problems while shaping the future of automated manufacturing.

About the role

Skills: Haskell

Join our growing team to work on a variety of problems across CircuitHub's entire stack. No direct experience with factory automation or electronics is necessary but we like curious people willing to learn.

You enjoy figuring out what to work on and teaching yourself whatever you need to get the job done. You enjoy working as part of a team and you're also happy working on your own. An ability to move quickly and and respond to changing requirements. Pride in your work, taking ownership of features and collecting requirements from end users.

The types of things we work on:

  • Factory automation.
  • Operations research (linear programming, sequence optimisation, resource allocation).
  • Interfaces to industrial robots.
  • Computer vision using OpenCV via Haskell bindings.
  • Web scraping.
  • Standard CRUD forms.
  • Parsing EDA (Electronic Design Automation) files.
  • 2D geometry (spatial indexing).
  • Logistics automation.
  • API integrations.


  • Haskell API server using GHC 8, Yesod, Opaleye, and many other libraries from Hackage.
  • Elm front end.
  • PostgreSQL for data storage, with querying via Opaleye & Rel8.
  • AWS / Heroku for hosting.
  • NixOS for development environments, continuous integration and deployments.
  • Functional reactive programming for standalone GUI applications.
  • Prometheus and Grafana for metrics and instrumentation.

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41 Corsham Street, London / Remote
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