Leena AI (S18)
We at Leena AI build a virtual assistant that answers employee's HR questions eg. How do I sign up for dental insurance, What's my 401k contribution? Why is my salary less this month? As a result, an HR professional can save 4 hours a day.

Sales Manager

$70k - $150k0.00% - 0.00%

New York, San Francisco / Remote
3+ years
About Leena AI

Leena AI is making workplaces better by serving its customers with one of a kind enterprise HR Chatbot experience.

Leena AI is being used by over 1000,000 employees globally in companies like Coca-Cola, Sony, Vodafone, Lafarge Holcim, Air Asia etc. and are growing exponentially fast. Leena AI has been founded by IIT Delhi Alumni.

Leena AI is a Virtual Assistant for enterprise HR departments. Employees ask Leena any HR-related question, such as 'what are my health benefits?' and 'do I have any time off remaining?', and get an instant answer. Employees love it because they get instant answers to questions that typical HR departments take more than 3 days to respond; HR departments love it because it significantly reduces their workload.

About the role

Leena AI is looking for a results-driven sales manager to actively seek new business opportunities, engage and build relationships with potential customers. You will provide complete and appropriate solutions for every potential customer to boost top-line revenue growth, customer acquisition levels, and profitability.


Researching, identifying, sourcing, generating and nurturing new sales opportunities, target identification & classification. Engage with potential clients and nurture them to a qualified opportunity Position Leena AI effectively to win with clients in pursuit of best-in-class HR technology Keep abreast of the latest trends in the HR technology landscape to generate meaningful conversations and sales opportunities in the target market Understand customer needs and requirements and bring them into a sales cycle. Analyses and creates a plan for engaging the target market Possess strong and proven expertise in IT product sales Requirements

Minimum experience in selling enterprise SaaS products for 4+ years Experience in Domestic sales (United States) Excellent communication skills and has to have good understanding of technology terminologies and trends Experience working with a CRM (bonus points for Hubspot CRM) Fair understanding of sales performance metrics Excellent negotiation, communication, time management and organizational skills Experience with enterprise sales is a must. Experience in HRtech is a big plus. Proven ability to understand client pain points and proposing solutions Proven ability to work and effectively communicate with C-level executives and line of business representatives


Leena AI infrastructure is hosted on AWS. Leena AI is currently following the MERN stack for its dialogue engine. Leena AI NLP Engine is based on both TensorFlow and PyTorch framework. Leena AI uses a bunch of other services like rabbitmq, elastic, Kafka for other purposes.

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Sales Manager
New York, San Francisco / Remote
$70k - $150k
0.00% - 0.00%
3+ years