SuperTokens (S20)

Helps companies securely manage their session tokens

Full Stack engineer


Remote / Remote
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1+ years
About SuperTokens

SuperTokens is a B2B company providing the most secure, open-source solution for managing user sessions.

SuperTokens is being used by hundreds of developers across the globe and we are working with some of the world's largest companies.

For any company that has digital user logins - SuperTokens solves a major user data and identity theft vulnerability while saving costs and reducing development time.

It incorporates best practices to minimise the chances of successful session attacks and also employs rotating refresh tokens to detect session hijacking while maintaining scalability.

About the role

Skills: Java, JavaScript

What kind of work will you get?

We are looking for a generalist engineer capable of learning and handling any given technical task, in any stack, quickly.

Examples of technical tasks:

  • Making significant changes to SuperTokens core written in java: Given a desired feature, coming up with minimum changes and writing extensive tests.
  • Working on various backend SDKs: We have SDKs in node, java, python, golang & php. You should be able to make changes to all of these SDKs as needed.
  • Working on our frontend SDKs: We have SDKs for react, ios, android and react native.
  • Working on our website and APIs: We use react, nodejs, mysql & mongodb
  • Working on our SaaS infra: Tasks like building dedicated & shared deployments, monitoring tools, modifying subscriptions etc.

Furthermore, we want someone who has contributed to open source, ideally who has their own open source repo with a community and many github stars.

You will also be given non technical tasks often. Some examples are:

  • Writing documentation
  • Doing product brain storming
  • Compititor analysis
  • Writing technical content in forms of blog posts
  • Help in building a developer community
  • Help in making tutorial videos

Why should you join us?

  • Our market is large - any webapp that requires login
  • Working on open source, and getting paid for it!
  • Work remotely.
  • Our product is interesting in that it's not another mobile or web app. It will form a core infrastructure layer for our users
  • We are solving a big pain point for most developers
  • Get to learn about the most critical aspects of web app security

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