Quickcard (W20)
Dynamic sales materials that shape-shift based on the customers needs

2nd Engineer Role: Frontend or FullStack Engineer!

$95k - $165k1.00% - 1.75%

San Francisco / Remote / Remote
3+ years
About Quickcard

Quickcard enables companies to send beautiful, tracked, and customizable sales documents, with ease.

Mathew and Rikhav have been working together for over 4 years, graduating from Columbia and MIT respectively. We are funded by YCombinator, Soma Capital, GSV, FundersClub, Ride Ventures and other angels.

About the role

Skills: Node.js, React, TypeScript, PostgreSQL


Hey, want to watch instead of read? You can learn more about us from our Hiring Spot.

Quickcard is building the future of sales documents. Only on Quickcard can you personalize documents for specified recipients, track opens + clicks + engagement + more, and expose your recipients to an A+ viewing experience. We were part of YCombinator W20 and made a fruitful pivot around September of last year into the sales collateral space.

We recently launched Quickcard to the YCombinator community, scoring over 100+ upvotes on Bookface. It's been a crazy amount of traction since, with tons of signs ups and feature requests. So it's finally time for us to grow our team, recruiting the next few rockstar engineers that will join this sales rocketship.

Our stack is Javascript end to end, using Typescript/React on the frontend with Immer, and NodeJS/Typescript/TypeORM and Postgres on the backend. We strongly believe in reusable, sleek code, and have built a product that allows us to make incredible frontend advancements with minimal backend additions. We deploy on AWS and PM2, and use Keymetrics to track server stats. We are also users of modern tools like Highlight to expedite debugging and revisions.

If the problems we are working on excites you, drop us a ping and we'd love to meet you.


We heavily use Typescript / Strong Typing - building a React App that interfaces with various NodeJS and Laravel boxes. We are slowly moving away from PHP to be a full Javascript stack.

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2nd Engineer Role: Frontend or FullStack Engineer!
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