How does this work?

Applicants fill out an application with their background and experience. Next, Y Combinator companies browse through applications and start a conversation with people they are interested in.

What job am I actually applying for?

You don't need to apply for a specific job or company. When you fill out an application, we make it available to startups that Y Combinator has funded. If a company is interested in your application, they'll contact you.
After you complete your profile, you can also browse our directory of all jobs and apply to them directly.

What if I'm only interested in working at a particular company?

If it's in our directory, you can apply directly. We still encourage you to share your application with other companies. Y Combinator funds a lot of companies; there may be others working on something similar...or something totally different that you've not yet considered.

Do all YC companies use Work at a Startup?

Most do but not all. If you want to reach a YC company that's not in our directory yet, you should apply directly on their own website.

What if I'm not a software engineer?

For our initial launch, we're focusing our efforts on software engineering roles.You can browse the whole list of YC Jobs below. We will add support for additional roles once we're confident we've found a viable solution for both applicants and YC companies.

and we'll keep you updated.

Where can I find all YC Jobs (including non-engineer roles)?

Non engineering jobs

If you have any more questions or feedback, please email us at [email protected].

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