YC Internship Program, Summer 2024

Learn more and have an outsized impact at a YC startup.

The YC Internship Program brings together a cohort of startup-minded students for community and learning from YC partners, founders and experts. We host virtual & in-person talks and events, giving you more insight into industry and what it takes to build a startup.

We also connect you with vetted, high-growth startups to work directly with founders and early engineers on mission critical projects, and build real-world product development skills.

Startups are hiring throughout the year; they don't operate on college recruiting timelines. So regardless of when you're looking to gain experience, reach out to the companies below.

What to expect

Talks with founders

Attend closed-door sessions to hear from YC founders on how they build their companies and lessons they've learned along the way.

Cohort community

Join a community of fellow students, engineers & builders at other YC startups (that you wouldn’t otherwise meet as an intern at a small startup).

Access to the YC network

YC interns learn a lot of valuable skills at our startups, and we’ll give special consideration to any YC intern who applies to YC as a founder.

Open opportunities

Many YC startups are hiring interns in engineering, design, product, business development, marketing, and more. Apply now to see the full list of opportunities and connect directly with YC founders.

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Student experiences

“The founders are also my mentors, and have created a strong sense of trust and community that keeps me connected to my work.”

Noelle Lim, Together Software

“Even as an intern, I had a say in key decisions of our startup. And then I got to actually build and ship the ideas I came up with.”

Andrew Burns, Balto

“I got to learn directly from senior engineers who previously were at Google, and work in a small team to solve very complex problems.”

Janhavi Dahihande, Thunkable

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Who should apply

Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply for a range of roles, including engineering, product, design, operations and more. The companies participating in the program are predominantly hiring in the San Francisco Bay Area.