Women in Tech: Getting into Product

Join YC Partner Kat Malanac and women PMs from the YC community for a round table on getting into product. We'll discuss why an engineering background is useful as a PM (and why it's not!), what skills are worth developing, and tips and tricks to help you get there.

  • Vyl Chiang, PM at Airbnb (former PM at Lyft, Facebook)
  • Kali Borkoski, PM at Berbix (former PM & Legal Eng at Ironclad)
  • Helena Merk, CEO & Co-Founder at Glimpse (former Eng at SmartCar)
  • Sylvia Lin, Lead PM at Brex (former PM at Facebook, Instagram)

Following the event, we're hosting a mixer with the speakers and their teams, who are actively hiring for engineering, product eng and product roles.

We'll be streaming the round table discussion live (and share out a link to anyone who signs up). In order to facilitate a more intimate mixer, we're asking people to apply for that portion of the event.

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