Startup Talk: Why Stage Matters

August 3, 2022 3 PM PDT


The term “startup” typically refers to a small, early stage company designed to grow fast. When we say fast, we mean 50-100x growth in a year, like what OpenSea or Whatnot saw in 2021. For most people, working in a hypergrowth environment can be exhilarating, dizzying and challenging – all at once.

The stage and size of any given startup has a direct impact on the types of roles available at that company and thus the types of technical problems you'll be solving. Choosing what startup stages are right for you can help you find a role you'll truly love.

Join the Y Combinator team to chat about different stages of startups, how the product/technology might change at each stage, and which stages of startups are most interesting for you!

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