Work at a Startup Expo 2020

Y Combinator's annual Work at a Startup Expo is an efficient way to meet a number of great startups all at once. Watch rapid pitches by founders above, and then click on [LIKE] below to express interest in open roles.

These are 40 of YC newest startups, and are vetted and well funded. Each is actively hiring in engineering, design, marketing and more.

We’re finding more people are joining YC startups this year, and for a variety of reasons: to pursue something better aligned with their values, to have a bigger impact through their work, to grow skills in ways that their current jobs won’t allow, and (yes) to seek out “the next big thing”.

If you might be considering something new -- or even if you’re just curious to know what’s out there -- watch the video above and reach out to founders to see if there's an opening just for you.

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Companies Attending