Job Hunt Bootcamp

YC is running our monthly bootcamp to help job seekers with their job search. For this 2 hour session, we'll work closely with a small group of active job seekers to cover:

  • Resume prep: Constructive 1-1 feedback to make your resume stand out and have impact
  • Storytelling: Understanding your story and telling your most compelling narrative -- especially during a downturn
  • Intro/outreach: Getting a response and making a great first impression

Through YC's free jobs platform (, we've helped over 1,000 people land jobs at early stage startups and bigger companies like Stripe, Doordash, Instacart and more.

Sign up for free below; for this round, we're limiting the group to 20 people and will prioritize those with a profile on YC's hiring platform.

To connect with these YC founders and find open roles, create a profile.

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To connect with these YC founders and find hundreds of open roles at top startups, create a profile.

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