YC Tech Talks: Crypto & NFTs with Devin Finzer @ OpenSea

Founders from top YC startups will give 6-minute lightning talks on how crypto and blockchain are creating new opportunities in finance, art and more. Speakers include:

  • AMA with Devin Finzer, Founder & CEO at OpenSea (W18)
  • Fighting Crypto Fraud and Financial Crime with Blockchain, Esteban Castaño, Founder at TRM Labs (S19)
  • Decentralized lending on Algorand, Owen Colegrove, Founder at Algofi (S21)
  • How Dharma Connects Fiat To DeFi, Nadav Hollander, Founder at Dharma (S19)
  • 8-factor Model for Valuing Cryptocurrency, Colton Dillion, Founder at Hedgehog (S21)
  • Defi & Scalability, Nemil Dalal, PM of Crypto at Coinbase (S12)

After the talks, we'll open up a virtual expo hall to meet with founders and teams of 8 YC startups, so you can learn more about new tech and businesses in the crypto/NFT space, as well as learn about open roles in engineering, design, operations, go to market and more.

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Companies Attending

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