YC Seminar: Black Engineers in Startups

February 9, 2022 5:00 PM


Michael Seibel (Partner at YC) and Aston Motes (Investor, Director of /dev/color and 1st employee at Dropbox) are hosting the YC Black Engineers in Startups Seminar.

This is a 3-week series where 30 participants will meet once a week for two-hour sessions. During each session, you will:

  • Meet black technical founders and black engineers of YC startups,
  • Hear about how to pick a startup and build a career at one, and
  • Establish a network of peers and mentors.

Apply below to join us. Priority will be given to active job seekers. (If you're not ready to share your profile or look for a job, please specify so on the application.)

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