Marketing Engineer at CommandBar (S20)
$50K - $70K  •  
Magical widget that makes any software way easier to use
Remote / Remote (US)
1+ years
About CommandBar

Our goal at CommandBar is to improve how software works for everyone. We build a widget that any software company can embed in their app to enhance user experience, making it easier and faster for users to get stuff done.

We serve millions of end users monthly and work with customer-obsessed companies like ClickUp, Gusto, Netlify, AngelList, Shortcut, OneSignal, and many others. We're proudly backed by Thrive Capital, YCombinator, BoxGroup, and world-class angels.

About the role

About CommandBar

CommandBar is a platform for helping software companies make their software easier to use.

How many times have you been frustrated by software? Maybe you didn’t know how to make the software do what you wanted. Maybe you had to wade through pages and pages of support documentation — or stay on hold with a chatbot — to figure something out. Or maybe the software you were using took 12 clicks to do something basic.

CommandBar makes any software product simpler, faster, and personalized. We do this by allowing product teams to embed an intelligent agent on top of their software to help perform actions, fetch data, and co-browse with them to show how the product works.

It does more than reactive support, too. You can configure CommandBar to proactively nudge users when they seem confused or encourage them to do things—like a friendly human assistant standing by your side, not an annoying barrage of popups.

Today, CommandBar serves forward-thinking SaaS companies like Gusto, ThryvHashicorp, Netlify, Freshworks, and AngelList.

Despite our scale (we serve 20M users 😎), we're a tiny team today that's just beginning to grow, which means tons of opportunities to do trajectory-altering work. If you're inspired to upgrade how humans use software, come join!

Why CommandBar?

You’re probably really talented. Why should you take your talents to CommandBar? Here are reasons we think working with us is uniquely high impact — on the world and your career.

  • Our ratio of impact on the world is high (and we intend to keep it that way).

  • We're on the forefront of new technologies, including new developments in AI (which we use heavily to power our product).

  • The team we’ve assembled so far is world-class — talented, curious, kind, and obsessed with building delightful, fast, simple software.

Marketing Engineering @ CommandBar

Our customers come to CommandBar to make their own products better. As a result, we need to have a high bar for our brand and showcase that we’re a world-class UX company. One way that we do this is via beautiful marketing properties.

As a Marketing Engineer at CommandBar you’ll be working on:

  • Our marketing website. This is how we present ourselves to the world.

  • Our product showcase sites (like Copilot, Spotlight, or Product Tours). Our product is very powerful, these pages ensure we communicate the right messaging to the right product needs.

  • Our blog, read by tens of thousands of people every month.

  • Various marketing assets: sponsorship pages (like this one we did for Lenny’s podcast), micro-apps (like this fun help doc rater).

You’ll be responsible for working with our design team to update and create new pages on these properties.

What will help you succeed?

  • You love making beautiful things : As you might have noticed, we try to make our pages visually stunning and different. If you’re the kind of person who considers yourself a design-focused engineer, you might have a lot of fun working on these vs. a standard site.

  • You are an HTML, CSS, and animations wizard and have strong abilities to create smooth, performant, and visually appealing animations : This role is very frontend-focused, if you enjoy living in frontend and CSS, this might be a great fit.

  • You are _ incredibly _ detail oriented : Some people obsess over the details and enjoy it! For others, getting to 100% pixel-perfect designs is exhausting. We’re looking for the former.

  • You are FAST : At CommandBar, we move quickly and we’re looking for someone who can thrive in this kind of environment. Along the way, you’ll learn a lot from awesome engineers and designers!

  • You are a great communicator : There will be a lot of syncs you’ll have with the design/marketing team (over Slack). You’ll need to be able to identify issues up front, communicate them, and work with others to resolve them up front.

  • You have a decent foundation in React : A lot of the upfront work won’t require React, but there will be some minor tasks that will be easier with a good foundation.

  • Bonus : You're located in or willing to work EU business hours

What will the interview process look like?

  • We’ll first hop on the phone with you to chat through what you’re looking for and whether we think it’s a good fit.

  • Next, we’ll chat through a project you’ve worked on that are proud of 🙂

  • After that, we’ll send you a task that will mimic your day-to-day…. in fact, it’ll be exactly your day-to-day had you joined us a month ago. We’ll send you a Figma for a page we built last month, as well as a starter code template. We’ll ask that you spend a few hours building out the page, and we’ll evaluate it!


React + Typescript frontend, Django backend, infra on AWS.

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