Summer Research Intern at Brainbase (W24)
$3K - $5K  •  
AI workflow automations for enterprise
San Francisco, CA, US / Remote (US)
About Brainbase

Brainbase is an AI workflow automation builder designed to handle complex enterprise workflows. Our customers use us to spin up everything from sales autopilots to full fledged customer support workflows in less than a day.

SMBs and unicorns choose us over our competitors because we are the only platform that combines the power of AI with the ease and robustness of an off-the-shelf enterprise tool.

About the role
Skills: Torch/PyTorch, Python, Machine Learning, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Do a summer internship at Brainbase (YC W24) working on the next generation of our workflow automation foundation models.

Why do an internship at Brainbase?

  • Get years worth of experience in LLM research in months
  • Participate in cutting edge of LLM research
  • High agency in company decisions
  • Work on our proprietary AI techniques
  • 💪 Loads of compute (watch GPUs burn)
  • Reference letters for OpenAI, DeepMind, and other leading YC companies
  • Participation in "YC Pioneer Internship Program for Summer '24"

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Generating synthetic data for training foundation models
  • Finetuning existing LLMs
  • Contributing to the development of our Brainbase suite of LLMs
  • Talking to users (this is a must for everyone at Brainbase)
  • Shipping 🚢

Come and help us bring the opportunity to do meaningful work to everyone.


Our tech stack is divided into two sectors as building the interfaces for businesses to manage their workflows and developing the AI models that run automations.

For our interfaces, we work on the familiar stack of NextJS/React/TypeScript, with MongoDB as our database. We use Tailwind CSS for our styling.

Our backend is dockerized and runs on AWS servers and serverless instances, written in a combination of Node and Python.

For our development, we work with large-language models, primarily in Python, with Pytorch as our preferred ML framework.

Interview Process

Step 0. YouTube Video Before going through the other steps, you should watch the video overview describing our mission and vision at Brainbase here:

Step 1. Initial Screening A 30 minute chat (online or in-person) to get to know you. To make use of the limited time, the interview will be very direct, so don't be surprised if you are asked to detail past research or experiences immediately after the introductions. There may be light technical questions and open-ended discussion.

The entire point of this screen is to see what is exceptional about you, and if you're exceptional in the right way for Brainbase. Put some thought into figuring out what makes you exceptional before the call and how to express it concisely.

Last 10 minutes will be designated for your questions. Make sure to outline what you want to get out of this internship.

Step 2. Technical Screen There will be one technical screen designed to test your problem solving abilities and proficiency in Python, Pytorch and AWS. Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Step 3. Encore (optional) We might optionally ask you to have a quick 15-30 minutes chat with us if we haven't decided yet.

Final decision You will learn of the final decision within a month of the first contact. For positive outcomes, you will receive a call, and for negative outcomes you will receive an email.

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