Tech Lead – Backend at Vocode (W23)
$180K - $220K  •  
Helping developers connect the world with magical conversational AI.
San Francisco, CA, US / Remote (US)
6+ years
About Vocode

Vocode is building the future of voice interfaces on top of language models.

About the role

🏆 Mission

The mission of the Tech Lead is to continuously move Vocode’s product forward by owning and delivering complex and/or mission critical parts of our roadmap.

🤹🏽‍♀️ Profile & Experience

  • Extremely strong generalist backend eng. experience (no specialization required in specific technologies, although useful if you have it),
  • 5+ years of experience working as the senior individual contributor on a team (i.e. whether formally designated by job title or not, you are the person expected to pick up the most challenging IC work in a cycle),
  • Comfort scoping and working with open ended briefs or investigative projects: you have a range of approaches to quickly and methodically arriving at solutions where there is uncertainty,
  • Able to help drive high performance across the engineering org. by establishing, championing, and coaching teammates on the habits and rituals required of top tier engineering teams,
  • Adept undertaking technical evaluations of prospective hires when required, but more likely to provide the stability and leadership required to allow CTO and VP Eng. to commit full days to recruitment,
  • Senior mindset: you understand what it takes to be a high performing IC on an early stage engineering team, and can take steps to optimize your own performance and that of the team by creating the required environment.

🪢 Real Things You’ll Do

Here are some real examples of the sort of work you might expect to do in this role:

  • Scope and manage our on-prem project

    Some of our enterprise customers require secure on-prem deployments of Vocode’s hosted API. The VP Eng. would have been working alongside our sales team to gather requirements, craft an overall strategy for delivery, and build & estimate a backlog of work.

  • Work alongside our Open Source Maintainer to codify and articulate “the Vocode standard”

    We’re committed to building a thriving community around our open source library, and to do that we need to help the community contribute code to our repo. As Vocode’s internal “bar raiser” on technical output, you would be instrumental to designing and articulating the guidelines we provide to our contributors, balancing pragmatism – not everyone was a Comp. Sci. TA at the University of Awesome – with the need to establish and drive towards a common standard.


Core: Python/React/Javascript + speech recognition/synthesis/LLMs

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