Founding Software Engineer - Backend at HyperDX (S22)
$115K - $180K  •  0.50% - 2.00%
Open-source, dev-friendly observability.
San Mateo, CA, US
3+ years
About HyperDX

HyperDX helps engineers figure out why production is broken faster by centralizing and correlating logs, metrics, traces, exceptions and session replays in one place. We're building the open source and developer friendly alternative to tools like Datadog and New Relic.

About the role
Skills: Kubernetes, Node.js, React, TypeScript, SQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

HyperDX is looking for our first Founding Engineer to help build the next evolution of developer-first, open-source observability. You're someone who's excited to improve how developers fix production issues and rethink how observability products are built - from the ground up.

We're still incredibly early on our journey, but have already captured a huge amount of interest from the wider developer community, from reaching 5k Github stars, to the hundreds of teams signing up for HyperDX in the cloud.

If you haven't yet, you can learn a bit about our product and code via our Github repo.

The DX in our name stands for Developer Experience - optimizing for developers is core to our entire product and business.

The Role

  • You'll be hands-on building out any and all parts of the product (broadly focused on the backend), with a focus on building the best developer experience possible to bring an engineer from incident or bug, to root cause and resolution.
  • You'll be working with the founders on everything from vision and roadmap, to meaty scaling challenges and UX/DX design sessions.
  • You'll be directly engaging our amazing community of customers, open source contributors, and users - closely listening to their feedback and actioning on them quickly or giving them a hand when they get stuck. Most of them live directly in our Slack or Discord community.
  • You'll be solving hard technical problems, from building durable SDKs for a variety of languages/platforms (from Node, Deno, RoR, Java, etc.) to helping effectively scale out our ingestion pipeline and Clickhouse cluster.
  • You love IRL collaboration and are comfortable working at least 2 days a week out of either downtown San Mateo or San Francisco with the rest of the team (surrounded by delicious food and boba options)

About You

  • You love to move quickly and ship often to solve real customer-impacting problems.
  • You embrace ambiguity - you love to take big ideas and execute on them independently, but can collaborate with the team and customers when needed.
  • 3+ years of experience as an engineer, bonus points for experience building developer tools.
  • Strong proficiency in Typescript for both our Next.js frontend and Express backend.
  • Proficient in SQL to do query generation for our Clickhouse DB.
  • Comfortable with Docker/containers and familiar with Kubernetes or other container orchestration platforms.
  • You love building alongside an open source community.

Bonus Points

  • Deep experience with distributed systems, particularly scaling high-volume event ingestion pipelines and columnar data stores (ex. Clickhouse, Druid).
  • Opinionated in observability tooling today - and know where they can get 10x better.
  • Curious about other languages and platforms, to help build/maintain our next iteration of integrations for anything from Rust to PHP.

About Us

It's currently just us the founders (Michael and Warren) - we're both deeply technical with a passion for building great developer tools on top of solid and scalable infrastructure.

We plan to continue scaling up the team to meet the incredible amount of customer demand we've had - and are well capitalized with many years of runway as part of that. On the technical end, you can learn more about our setup here in our contributing docs. In production we're running on AWS and Kubernetes.

We think there's an incredibly rewarding experience ahead in re-thinking how developers are empowered when they're tasked with their next bug ticket or paged for their next incident. If you've read this far, drop us a note about the most memorable incident you were part of!


Stack App: Typescript, AWS, Kubernetes, Next/React, Node, Express, Clickhouse, OpenTelemetry, Vector, Python Maintained Integrations: Typescript, Python, Ruby, Deno, and Go (many more to come)

Get an overview and take our stack for a spin here via our

Technical Challenges HyperDX needs to stay up when our customers are down, massively scale when our customers scale, and trawl through TBs of data in seconds. On top of all this, we need to build a world-class developer experience so developers can actually make sense of the telemetry they're sending our way.

Other jobs at HyperDX

fulltimeSan Mateo, CA, USBackend$115K - $180K0.50% - 2.00%3+ years

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