Product Engineer (Founding Team) at Alguna (S23)
£60K - £80K GBP  •  0.25% - 1.00%
Modern SaaS Pricing, Quoting & Billing Platform
Remote (US)
3+ years
About Alguna

We are Alguna, an early-stage startup building a modern pricing, quoting, and billing platform for B2B companies.

  • Our mission is to build the most efficient revenue management engine for B2B companies.
  • Today, most companies get by using spreadsheets and manual processes across multiple single-point solutions, which is inefficient and costs millions in lost revenue.
  • We solve this by unifying the quote-to-revenue process and automating complex back-office operations.
  • This enables our customers (growth-stage startups and enterprises) to flexibly close more deals faster without worrying about internal limitations and relying on finance and engineering teams.
  • We're multi-cultural and welcome diversity. We have team members across three continents and five nations.

Company Values

  • Act efficiently: We strive to work smarter, not harder, we establish feedback loops as soon as possible and focus on what differentiates us.
  • Be intentional: We’re deliberate in our actions, setting clear goals and priorities.
  • Care deeply: We empathize with our customers and our colleagues. We trust by default and give timely, constructive feedback.
  • Drive excellence: We have high standards and hold ourselves accountable for them. Ideas are pursued on merit, informed by actual testing and data.
About the role
Skills: Go, JavaScript, React, TypeScript, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Who you are

  • You're a generalist who is willing to contribute across the stack, both frontend and backend
  • You have related production experience with any programming language
  • You're happy working on your own as well as collaborating within a team, understanding that we ultimately operate as a unit, not as individuals
  • Someone comfortable working in an ambiguous environment; we’re early-stage

What the job involves

  • Collaborating: We’re remote but highly collaborative in nature
  • Shipping value: We’re in the early stages of building the product, so we need to get features out there, get feedback, and iterate
  • Improving our internal developer experience: In order to allow us all to be efficient
  • Not just writing code: We write proposals to gather feedback on upcoming work and document our decisions
  • Being pragmatic: Given we’re still finding product-market fit, we will need to make tradeoffs with what we ship, and it’s not always going to be polished

Engineering Principles

Build as simply as possible: Simple is fast, and allows us to rapidly iterate and deliver business value. For every hour we spend on complex solutions, that’s an hour we’ve lost of iteration.

Be efficient: If there’s a reasonably priced SaaS that delivers something we need for not much money, let’s not waste development hours re-implementing solved problems.

Be opinionated: We don’t want to have several ways of solving non-novel problems, let’s use opinionated frameworks and technologies that allow us to move quickly.

Expect to iterate: The architecture will need to evolve over time, so don’t make choices that build us into a corner.

  • Account for cost. We should assess for cost from day one rather than address it in 1-2 years.


Frontend: Our customer dashboard and website are built with NextJS, using Tailwind and React, and deployed on Vercel. Backend: is built using Goland and hosted on AWS

Interview Process
  • A 45-minute intro call with one of the co-founders where we’ll talk about your experience, what we’re building, and what you’re looking for in your next role

  • A 60-minute call with some of your potential colleagues where we’ll discuss your background, dive deeper into your core abilities relevant to the role, and experience working with other cross-functional roles. If you have any example projects to show us at this point, we’d love to see them

  • A 45-minute final call with the other co-founder to chat about the company, goals, and answer any questions you may have

  • Assuming we are a mutual match, we’ll conduct reference checks to confirm what we learned about you throughout the interview process. Typically, we’d ask for a couple of managers or peers that you collaborated with in the recent past

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