Founding Backend Engineer at Intelliga Voice (S23)
$95K - $125K  •  0.50% - 1.50%
The developer-first platform for AI phone calls
San Francisco, CA, US
3+ years
About Intelliga Voice

At Intelliga Voice we're building a platform for AI phone calling. We enable any developer to add AI phone calls to their existing applications.

About the role
Skills: Node.js

We need someone who:

  • Ships incredibly fast - straight to prod.
  • Writes maintainable, effective code. Other engineers have to be able to easily understand your work. However, the solution does not have to be pretty - the code just has to run.
  • Wants to be a founding team member of a high growth startup. You must be along for the ride, fully committed to seeing out our vision.

Some examples of what we’re looking for:

  • Fixes bugs independently.
  • Spends nights researching ways we can drive down latency & improve our AI’s conversational capacity.
  • Gathers requirements in the morning and ships by the evening.

Teammates with culture fit:

  • Have Incredibly high integrity. Take personal responsibility, are intellectually honest, support the people around them.
  • Care deeply about their work, are practical, and prioritize their days to complete the most high leverage tasks on their calendars.

Why work with us: we care about our teammates and we care about winning.

A few perks we provide:

  1. Unlimited PTO - we trust you to take time off when you need it
  2. Comp’d gym membership - we expect you to prioritize your mental and physical health
  3. A beautiful, spacious office in Hayes Valley, the center of San Francisco’s AI boom

Aside from the perks, as an early stage team member, you’ll also be empowered to grow alongside the company. From start to exit, at each stage of growth you’ll have the opportunity to expand your initial role, lead future hires, and learn completely new skills.


Our tech stack includes:

  • React/typescript & tailwind on frontend
  • Vercel / AWS for hosting
  • Supabase DB
  • Node.js on the backend
Interview Process
  1. We start with a screener call to gauge culture fit. 15 minutes to learn more about your background and ambitions, and make sure we’re aligned.
  2. Depending on the first call’s outcome, we’ll do a second in depth interview — 30 minutes where we’ll ask more technical questions and once again gauge for culture fit.
  3. Afterwards, we’ll either send you a take home or fly you out to SF to work with us in-person for a week (paid). The week will be spent learning our codebase and seeing how you fit with the team.
  4. We’ll offer you a job.

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fulltimeSan Francisco, CA, USBackend$95K - $125K0.50% - 1.50%3+ years

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