Open Source Internship at Anarchy (W23)
$30K - $80K  •  
LLM infrastructure for conversational UI
New York, NY, US
About Anarchy

Anarchy provides open-source infrastructure for building conversational UIs with any LLM.

About the role
Skills: Torch/PyTorch, Haskell, JavaScript, Python, React, Machine Learning

Anarchy is looking for contributors to help us democratize AGI development while advancing the capabilities of autonomous and human-controlled agents. The initial project will be to assist with open-sourcing the LLM-VM, a JIT for natural language. In this role you will have the opportunity to build and manage open-source communities, so a commitment to open-source is a huge bonus!

Ideal Qualifications & Skills

  • Contributions to well-used open-source projects.
  • Experience working with LLMs.
  • Experience writing Compilers/JITs.
  • Experience working in a team setting.
  • Flexibility: The job scope will change frequently as the company scales.

Office Life & Perks

  • We are located between NYC and Zurich Switzerland.
  • Hybrid-work: as this is for an early-stage role, we do require some regular physical presence in SF, but otherwise we strive to be a hybrid company.
  • Flexible-working hours/unlimited vacation.
Interview Process

We're running an experiment for this position where interviews will be handed out entirely meritocratically to the most successful contributors in the community at the end of september and early august. Please reach out for more details on how to get involved!

Once interviews begin we will start with a 15m phone screen then have you interview with two members of our team, once for culture fit and another time for technical interview. There will be 3 hours of interviews total. We will make a choice within two weeks, at which point we'll reach out again.

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