Senior Full Stack Engineer at Kombo (S22)
€70K - €90K EUR  •  0.05% - 0.30%
Unified API for HR, payroll and recruiting software
Berlin, BE, DE
6+ years
About Kombo

Kombo builds a unified API for HR, payroll and recruiting systems. We're working with companies of all sizes - from Fortune 500 companies down to early stage startups - to help them integrate dozens of software vendors within a few days instead of months.

Instead of having to get their hands on a sandbox environment, build the integration code and figure out the edge cases dozens of times, they can only once use a well documented and clean abstraction provided by Kombo.

We grew from 0 to 50+ customers over the last months and are looking for skilled engineers to help us improve and scale our product

About the role
Skills: Node.js, React, TypeScript, PostgreSQL
  • Location: Berlin, Germany (On-Site)
  • Contract Type: Full Time
  • Start Date: ASAP

We are seeking a highly proactive Senior Full Stack Engineer. You are expected to thrive in a high-energy, demanding, and fast-paced environment while having substantial hands-on experience with our tech stack, including Node.js, React, Postgres, Google Cloud, Docker, Prisma, and TypeScript.

You will be given the chance and, it is expected, that you take on a lot of ownership rapidly. This could be spear-heading a new product initiative, noticing that our release process could be improved & then owning improving it, or mentoring more junior team members. There is the potential of taking on a leading role in our engineering team.

Why Kombo

Kombo is an early-stage startup in the best sense of the word. We started Kombo in the Summer of 2022 when we were accepted into Y-Combinator and we rapidly grew from just four founders to 12 people and 100+ customers in less than 12 months after founding.

Your work will significantly impact our tech product used by CTOs and engineering teams, and the whole team will celebrate your wins. You will work with a modern, yet robust, tech stack and we encourage you to keep up to date and bring new additions to the stack. With new challenges (we're looking to 2.5-3x next year!), you're assured of growth and progress.

In addition, we offer competitive salaries, shares in the company, and a caring community. We're serious about good communication and eliminating frustrating politics.

Key Responsibilities

  • Own and develop core product features on both the frontend and backend
  • Integrate various third-party providers
  • Work with customers and provide support
  • Improve the company culture with insights and experience
  • Participate in crucial product decisions
  • Create and maintain our core software framework
  • Contribute to tech infrastructure (optional)

What you bring

On a high-level, we are looking for entrepreneurial people that are at the top-of-their-game. People at Kombo come from Harvard, Oxford, CODE etc., 50% are ex-founders themselves and in general have always done hard, impressive things. In more specific terms, your skills should include:

  • Expertise in designing B2B Software applications
  • Ideally 5+ years of software development experience
  • Proficiency or capacity to learn our tech stack: Node.js, React, Postgres, Prisma, TypeScript
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Previous founding experience is a plus

Kombo is not for you if

  • Your preferred work environment consists primarily of remote work/home office
  • You're in search of a more laid-back, less demanding workplace.
  • You are completely new to the industry and in need of extensive training and support

Looking forward to hearing from all interested candidates who want to be part of building something big.

Disclaimer We can only relocate candidates that are in the EU.


Kombo provides an API layer between our customers and any HR, payroll or recruiting tool - many of which are legacy, enterprise and badly documented systems containing multiple 100k records. The backend is doing a full read of each tool every few hours and has to handle inconsistent data schemas or downtime.

Our tech-stack includes

  • Infra: GCP (Cloud run, Kubernetes, BigQuery, Postgres Cloud SQL)
  • App
  • Observability: Opentelemetry + Honeycomb
  • Other
    • GitHub + GH Actions
    • Terraform

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