Business Analyst de Growth [Brasil] at Zippi (S19)
$50K  •  15.00% - 25.00%
Payment Platform for LatAm Microentrepeneurs
SP, BR / Remote (BR)
3+ years
About Zippi

Access to credit is extremely scarce for the 40m gig economy workers in Brazil and in many other emerging economies. Volatile earnings and a work history that is difficult to access mean that these individuals cannot even apply for loans within most financial institutions and online lenders. When faced with emergencies or financial difficulties, gig workers struggle to find reliable alternatives.

Zippi solves that by building financial products tailored to gig workers. Our first product, a credit card for gig workers, is the first in Brazil to match workers' cash flows, giving customers much better control over their spending.

About the role

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First, we understand that only with critical mass at scale we will achieve profitability. Technology is the path that enables this goal. We envision technology as way of empowering human decisioning/interactivity scalability where it matters, and automating everything else where it doesn't. Thus, it’s paramount that product never lose its human touch. Second, we rely on data driven decisions and pragmatism. Fast prototyping and user feedback are essential for the company’s evolution. Technology is critical to build a best-in-class framework for data centric experimentation and fast hypothesis testing. We are building a laboratory of financial innovation and technology is central to that vision.

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