Senior Front-End Engineer at Byterat (W23)
$130K - $170K  •  1.00% - 2.00%
Benchling for battery companies
San Francisco, CA, US
3+ years
About Byterat

Byterat is the modern cloud platform for battery data analytics in R&D and production. Byterat directly integrates with hardware in a lab, synchronizes data to the cloud and analyzes it to connect the dots between battery design and performance. Our team is Penny - a PhD in battery modeling, Shashank - an ex-AWS full-stack engineer, and Enrique - an ex-Rivian full-stack engineer.

About the role
Skills: Django, Python, React, Figma, GraphQL

Byterat (YC W23) is the modern cloud platform for battery data analytics in R&D and production. Byterat directly synchronizes data from lab hardware to the cloud and analyzes it to unlock hidden insights connecting design to performance.


  • Batteries play a fundamental role in tackling climate change. $73B was invested in US battery plants in 2022, and battery company revenue is expected to grow >5x over the next decade.
  • Global carmakers alone are forecast to spend $515B on electric vehicle and battery R&D by 2030. But battery engineers are currently underserved by software, relying on broken legacy products to analyze their data.
  • Byterat solves this problem with a modern cloud platform that allows teams to analyze data from thousands of parallel experiments and unlock previously hidden insights connecting battery design to performance.


  • 3+ years software engineering experience, ideally in a “start-up” like environment where you have taken full ownership for projects and taken products from 0-1 and 1-10.
  • You care about the problems our customers face and are excited to distil their insights into tangible product improvements.
  • You are excited to move and grow fast, take ownership and challenge yourself in ways that are hard to replicate at other places.


  • Penny: PhD in Physics from Cambridge, worked on ML models to analyze battery data and forecast performance.
  • Shashank: Stanford CS, formerly AWS
  • Enrique: Carnegie Mellon CS, formerly Rivian


  • Django with heavy tasks on Lambda.
  • GraphQL Server Apollo Client
  • React, Apollo Client, Redux in Typescript on Next.JS
  • Docker compose for dev, AWS and Terraform for staging / prod.
  • Event based processing and streaming ETLs
  • Single Table and Relational Database Models
  • Django with heavy tasks offloaded to Lambda
  • Next.js on TypeScript
  • ML models built with Pytorch and scientific python libraries
  • Docker Compose for dev, CI/CD set up, per-engineer AWS accounts mirroring prod via Terraform
Interview Process
  • Intro call with our CEO to get to know each other
  • Coding challenge: we've distilled our platform to ~1k loc; the challenge is to tell us what the distilled platform does and implement a new feature. We usually run this as a take home assignment. Once you’ve completed the challenge, we’ll discuss your solution and approach to system design.
  • Meet our team (anyone you haven't met already in the previous rounds). We're looking for signals on how you'll complement our entire team, in terms of culture and technical strengths.
  • Reference check
  • Offer!

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