Jasmine Energy (S22) - Full Stack Developer at Jasmine Energy (S22)
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Jasmine is a decentralized market for climate assets
Remote (US)
3+ years
About Jasmine Energy

Jasmine is a decentralized market for climate assets that makes it easy to claim, trade, and redeem renewable energy certificates (RECs). We are on a mission to accelerate the net-zero transition by building climate asset markets that are accessible and transparent for everyone.

About the role
Skills: Figma, GraphQL, MySQL, Python, RabbitMQ, React, TypeScript, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Read: Please read the job description before applying. If sending us a message, tell us what you've built and why it's relevant to this job posting and Jasmine Energy

About Jasmine

We are an inclusive community welcoming members of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes. We want Jasmine to be where we do the best work of our lives. We work flexibly and autonomously, trusting one another to deliver world class results.

At Jasmine, we are building the infrastructure to accelerate the green transition. In the next 50 years, we need to build enough clean energy infrastructure to not only completely decarbonize our electrical grid, and accommodate the rapid electrification of the global economy, but also to enable the ambitions and flourishing of everyone on the planet.

But there’s a problem with how clean energy development is financed. One of the most valuable assets created by carbon-free energy generators are “energy attribute certificates” (EACs). Many generators make more revenue selling EACs than selling energy. Companies and governments buy EACs as a core part of meeting their environmental objectives.

Today, EACs are bought and sold over-the-counter in one-off negotiated deals. These opaque illiquid markets mean that (1) generators do not know the value of their EACs, (2) many companies and individuals are excluded from participating, and (3) a majority of the value is extracted by financial middlemen.

Jasmine is enabling a web3 regenerative finance (ReFi) ecosystem, by bridging energy attribute certificates onto the blockchain and pooling them in standardized categories. These will create the first globally accessible and liquid market for energy attribute certificates. Working with T1 DeFi protocols and the ReFi community we enable energy attribute tokens to be used as collateral, yields and money, as well as a huge range of novel applications. We are just getting started, and need top talent that want maximum leverage in accelerating the green transition. This is where you come in!

Your role

As our new Full Stack Developer, you will join a team of experienced engineers and lead the development of our web app that enables users to buy, sell, pool, transfer, and bridge tokenized energy attribute certificates.

Your responsibilities will include the following:

  • You will be working in a highly collaborative agile team and involved in all aspects of the product's development
  • You will be expected, within a short ramp-up period, to make major contributions to the product’s development across the full stack
  • You will contribute to the requirements (tech specs) drafting / analysis.
  • Where appropriate you may coach/mentor other members of the development team. ​​* You will rapidly prototype & iterate to refine UI, deploying to production frequently.
  • You will collaborate closely with Product and Design on UX solutions.
  • You will build the app used by our users to manage their climate assets.
  • You will build SDK packages for external developers to use when interacting with our APIs and smart contracts.
  • Contribute code to the backend REST service that supports the app.
  • You will contribute high quality and well-tested javascript code.
  • You will execute comprehensive unit and integration test coverage.


Front end: React, Typescript, Tailwind, Recharts, Ethers, Mocha

Back end: Express(Node), Python, MySQL, RabbitMQ/AMQP, Infura, AWS, Docker, Mocha

You most likely have the following:

  • 3+ years experience in software development.
  • 2+ years experience in React and frontend development.
  • Familiarity with Ethers/Web3.js and blockchain concepts.
  • Deep experience with React and CSS.
  • Have lead or been a major contributor to a front-end application
  • Are able to communicate technical design decisions and document your code
  • Comfort in a small team environment and executing outside of your core competency.
  • An interest in growing and using new tools.
  • Experienced in DevOps and CI/CD, and deployment systems.
  • Familiarity with git, best practices in repo management and ownership of tasks in a lean, kanban-based workflow.
  • Good availability in time zones UTC-4 to UTC-7.
  • Nice to have: Experience with GraphQL, Figma, & Tailwind.

** No recruiters, staffing agencies, or dev shops. **

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