VP of Engineering at shuttle (S20)
$80K - $150K  •  1.00% - 2.00%
Build Backends. Fast.
London, England, GB
6+ years
About shuttle

Our Mission 🎯

At shuttle, we’re on a mission to revolutionise developer experience for building web apps. Everything we do is about crafting an exceptionally simple, satisfying and effective way to do cloud development. We are open source community-driven and loved by thousands of engineers. Our vision: the ultimate platform to supercharge developers’ productivity.

About shuttle 🚀

We are building the fastest backend development experience. shuttle is an open source cloud platform for developing and deploying apps with zero infra hassle.

We are replacing container technology, that almost every other cloud platform relies on, with something more lightweight and simple, resulting in the fastest deploy times ever. We are talking tens of minutes down to milliseconds. This is a game changer for developer productivity - cutting down those development cycles once and for all.

We have thousands of developers in our community incl. engineers from some of the top companies and are about to launch shuttle beta. We’re backed by some of the best investors in the world, including Y Combinator, HorizonVC, Abstraction Capital, Global Founders Capital, Founders of Segment, Sendbird, Head of Product at DataDog and other successful founders and executives.

Working With Us 😎

We’re a growth mindset company. We’re honest, open-minded, driven, and ambitious and we are only looking for people who share these qualities with us.

We care. About each other and about our mission.

We are building a culture that brings out the best in people and we truly believe that the company you work at should be the launch pad for unleashing your full potential.

We keep a light and fun work environment, without unnecessary stress or anxiety. Yet we hold ourselves to very high standards and keep pushing the bar up. Continuous improvement is a must if you don’t want to be left behind. Mistakes are OK, not being willing to learn from them is not OK.

Collaboration is at the core of what we do and we treat each other with respect and kindness - supportive, yet firm and ready to provide accountability where needed.

We’re early stage so expect many opportunities to shape the company’s future. The best ideas win.

We maintain a hacker mentality - no problem is unsolvable with the right mindset. As a team, we work on hard challenges under tight constraints and are constantly pushed out of our comfort zones - if reading this excites you, let’s talk.

Perks 🎁

  • Fully remote, flexible working hours and workdays
  • Flexible holidays and paid time off
  • Mental and physical health stipend
  • Educational and self-development budget
  • Support for attending and presenting at relevant conferences
  • Health insurance
  • Awesome work-from-home setup & equipment
  • Regular company off-sites
  • Weekly remote-friendly socials (games and more)
About the role
Skills: Go, Node.js, Python, Rust, TypeScript, Distributed Systems, Software Architecture, Software Security, Microservices, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We are Shuttle

We’re building a web development platform that allows developers to manage infrastructure from the same code base in which they’re writing their backends. This is a new paradigm called “Infrastructure From Code” and it is a fast growing segment of the next generation of web development in the cloud.

We’re based in London and we’re backed by YCombinator and a range of influential Silicon Valley angel and venture investors. We build in the open and we maintain popular open-source projects, especially in the Rust community. We’re engineering-lead and engineering-driven and we build exclusively for developers.

Joining us, you’ll become part of an exceptionally strong engineering team that has a long track record of building popular open-source projects and a love for new technology and hacking.

The role

You will play a key part in shaping the future of shuttle, helping us realise the potential of Rust in the backend.

  • Take ownership of the design of key parts of the platform’s virtualization and user orchestration backend, allowing it to scale to the next level (1000s to 10000s concurrent users).
  • Collaborate closely with the founding team, and help shape the technical vision and take long term decisions that have impacts on the future of the platform.
  • Coordinate closely with the product team, helping set realistic goals and timelines for the execution of new features and projects.
  • Write architecture documents, RFCs and implement functioning PoCs that help fix design guidelines and set an example for the rest of the team to follow.
  • Contribute Rust code to all parts of the shuttle platform and take ownership of large swathes of the codebase’s structure and idioms.
  • We’re a 100% open-source company. You’ll help the broader Rust community and ecosystem by contributing where appropriate to upstream projects that we depend on. You’ll help in maintaining our own projects, triaging issues and helping contributors.

Ideal fit

  • 5+ years of professional experience working on the implementation and maintenance of backend services supporting web applications or IaaS/BaaS products.
  • Past experience as a technical founder (YCombinator or otherwise) of a SaaS startup is a strong plus.
  • Past experience leading a team of 5+ engineers, making design and architecture decisions and owning the on-time delivery of large engineering projects to specifications.
  • A dedicated willingness to lead by example and find the right balance between writing a lot of code and helping unblock others.
  • Advanced familiarity with the contemporary Rust crates ecosystem for asynchronous and web development: tokio, actix, async-std, futures, async/await patterns (to name a few).
  • At least an intermediate level knowledge of core AWS products and edge computing (ELB, EC2, ECS, API Gateway, Lambda (@edge), etc).
  • Ability to commute at least infrequently to our London office highly prefered.
  • Familiarity with WebAssembly is a plus.
  • Prior exposure to at least a few of the other languages that are popular in the development of web backends (e.g. Go, Python, JavaScript, Ruby) is a plus.

AWS, Rust, Asynchronous I/O, tokio, wasm

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