Founding Engineering Intern at CypherD Wallet (W22)
$45k - $75k  •  
Multi-Chain Crypto Wallet with a Crypto Debit Card
Palo Alto, CA
About CypherD Wallet

Building a multi-chain web3 browser for the mainstream users. Building the money movement and the web3 developer SDK pillar to enhance the user experience of the web3 wallets.

About the role
Skills: Node.js, React Native, Solidity

CypherD Wallet is building Metamask for Normies. We are building an experience to access web3 applications for the users without any understanding of blockchain. We are starting by abstracting out all the crypto money movement that the users spend majority of the energy on today trying to access web3 applications including on-ramp, off-ramp, cross-chain bridging.

CypherD Card is world's first non-custodial crypto card.

We are looking for strong full-stack engineers to intern with us along with your founding engineering team and the founding team building the product out of Palo Alto.

If you are looking to become a founder, this is a great place to work closely with the founder and the founding team on how we build the business. Be prepared to wear different hats including talking to customers.

Interview Process
  • The first filtering round will be a take home test to build a quick prototype in react-native or node.js.
  • the take home test required 6-16 hours of time commitment.
  • If you have experience in solidity, we could even do a take home test in solidity
  • Followed by an in-person 1 hour interview with the founder Kube (ex-Coinbase, ex-Amazon
  • The in-person interview will be a little bit of coding and mostly discussing about mindset towards this opportunity and we look for future founder mindset.
  • The interview will happen in Palo Alto in our office

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