Frontend Engineer at Evidence (S21)
$100k - $200k  •  0.25% - 1.00%
Business intelligence for modern data teams
Any (new grads ok)
About Evidence

Evidence is an open source web framework that’s designed for data analysts. It's a modern alternative to drag-and-drop BI tools and Jupyter notebooks.

Evidence enables data analysts to build automated reports, analysis and tools that feel like they came from the graphics department at a top-tier publication. All with skills that data analysts already have: SQL and markdown.

The founders, Sean and Adam, spent the last five years building a large data science operation at a leading financial firm. We’re driven by deep empathy for both data analysts and the decision makers who rely on them.

We are a fully remote YC-backed company, founded in Toronto. We are well funded and backed by leading silicon valley VCs, and some of the best founders and technical leaders in the industry.

You can read more about what we're up to and why on our Launch HN.

About the role
Skills: JavaScript, TypeScript

We’re on a mission to enable data teams to build great information products for their organizations and their customers. To do that, we’re combining the best of modern web frameworks and BI tools into a unique, opinionated open source tool.

This is a big challenge filled with fascinating technical, developer experience, and user experience problems to solve.

We have been thrilled with the interest in our Alpha from data teams at large enterprises, unicorns and startups. In order to keep up, we need a great frontend developer.

If this sounds interesting to you, we’d love to chat.

In this role, you would:

  • Be an early member of the Evidence team with significant influence on both the product and the company
  • Work in Svelte, Node.js and JavaScript
  • Primarily focused on the development of the open source Evidence project
  • Contribute to upstream open source projects, like Svelte Kit and Vite.js, as necessary
  • Lead our thinking about creating a cohesive, easy-to-use design system
  • Report directly to the founders
  • Have a large equity stake in the company
  • Own features end-to-end, with the latitude to develop your own solutions and engage directly with customers
  • Help to define a culture of engineering excellence

You may be a fit for this role if you:

  • Have a few years of frontend experience
  • Have an interest in design
  • Want to work with people who are invested in your growth
  • Prefer a calm, asynchronous, work style that gives you time and space to focus
  • Take pride in shipping great work and find joy in seeing it used
  • Would like to do a large proportion of your work on an open source project
  • Have an interest in, or some experience with, data analysis and visualization

Svelte Kit, Javascript

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