Founding Engineer at Toko (W22)
$100K - $160K  •  0.50% - 1.50%
Learn English by speaking with an AI
Brooklyn, NY
1+ years
About Toko

🚀 We’re on a mission to help the 1.5 billion English learners in the world unlock better economic opportunities.

🌟 For non-native English speakers, leveling up English can materially better their career prospects and their families' lives. For some users, it means unlocking a 3x increase in salary. But any foreign language learner knows that speaking is the hardest part.

💪🏼 Toko helps English learners become fluent in speaking. Through our app, users engage in 5-min conversations with an AI to build confidence for real-life scenarios. We make language fluency accessible to everyone - not just those with the means to meet 1:1 with a tutor.

🏆 In the Taiwan App Store, Toko is in the top 3 apps for Education! Toko has thousands of active paying subscribers and is growing rapidly (30+% MoM).

🙏🏾 We’re a proudly women-led team with engineering & product experience at Quizlet, Palantir, Codecademy, Google, and MIT. Toko is backed by a roster of incredible angels and top-tier VCs including GSV and Y Combinator.

🙌🏽 We're revolutionizing language fluency - join us!

About the role

We’re looking for a software engineer to join our small, speedy, and mission-driven team. As a member of our founding team, you will have an outsized equity stake in the company, significantly impact a first-of-its-kind product, and play a pivotal role in building a fun, diverse, and inclusive team culture.

💻 What you’ll do

  • Own and ship features and experiments end-to-end, taking a sketched idea (or a pain point from a user call) to a deployed feature
  • Improve upon core user experiences in our production mobile app
  • Write clean, maintainable, performant code and participate in code reviews
  • Work closely with the CTO and CEO to understand user needs, brainstorm user-facing product features, and identify new opportunities
  • Jump into other parts of the stack when needed, ranging from quick and dirty one-time scripts to process data, to creating new backend services

🥞 Our Stack

We use Flutter, Python/Flask, Firebase, and Google Cloud Platform, and are working on big, unsolved NLP and Speech Recognition problems like dynamic conversational content generation and accurately understanding accented English.

No worries if you don't have Flutter experience -- if you have web dev, React Native, and/or iOS/Android experience and are excited to learn, we'll onboard you!

🚢 Example Projects

These are all real projects! Each were deployed to prod in less than a week 💫

  • User interview to shipping a full-stack experiment testing if allowing users to choose the voice they talk to will affect conversion
  • Taking sketched screens and working with a content contractor to implement, make data model decisions, and release a brand new content type to all new users

😄 Who you are

  • You thrive in fast paced environments with rapidly changing directions, priorities, and requirements
  • You learn new things quickly, and have a strong bias towards shipping code quickly too
  • You crave, and have demonstrated, a high level of technical and product ownership
  • You believe no job is too small or not worth your time – if it needs to get done, you’ll hop in and do it!
  • You aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and collaboratively tackle meaty problems
  • You have 1+ years of industry experience building a user-facing consumer app (mobile or web)
  • You are a strong communicator and are able to explain and express your ideas clearly

🍰 Bonus

  • You’ve built and owned mobile apps that are used and loved by many
  • You are globally minded, or a serious language learner yourself
  • You're curious about how people learn, and are passionate about education

We're tackling unsolved NLP and automated speech recognition problems, like dynamic content generation and understanding accented English.

We use Flutter, Flask/Python, Firebase, and Google Cloud Platform.

Other jobs at Toko

fulltimeBrooklyn, NYFull Stack$100K - $160K0.50% - 1.50%1+ years

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