Strategy Consultant (Remote) at Clipboard Health (W17)
$100k - $200k  •  
Connects healthcare facilities with nurses nearby.
Any (new grads ok)
About Clipboard Health

At Clipboard Health (YC W17) we work with healthcare facilities such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, and rehab centers to provide on-demand nursing staff. We are a fully remote team that is humble and hardworking. We think this is the best way to improve a ton of lives. Nurses will have better schedules and shorter commutes, and patients will receive better care.

About the role

We are looking for an outstanding Team Member who will be placed at the juncture of Strategy and Operations while working across the org to address our customers’ pain-points, strategically and tactically. You will closely work with our COO and Head of CustomerOps. You'll be insanely curious, uncover opportunities to solve complex business problems, shape and reshape our strategies and deploy your sharp analytical mindset on high-impact projects.

If management is of interest to you, you will be mentored by Clipboard’s top brass so that you can transition into a management role in the next 8-12 months. You will spearhead our team(s) and hold them accountable for hitting our specific KPIs and departmental goals, with the main focus always being ensuring that our customers and internal stakeholders get the best experience possible.


-Act as our SME (Subject Matter Expert) on all things related to business and marketplace strategy. -Set clear goals for yourself and eventually also for your teams. -Conduct effective resource planning. -Hire, train, and coach team members. -Monitor performance of the team and regularly provide written feedback. -Analyze trends & team performance periodically to identify improvement areas for the team - coaching, training, focused audits etc. -Assisting management team members in identifying trends and establishing goals.

Skill Set Requirement:

-Minimum 2 years of consulting / banking / strategy background OR MBA degree in a similar discipline (Strategy, Operations, Finance etc.). -Strong analytical skills - we are a data driven company and expect our folks to be comfortable with numbers and pulling their reports. -Excellent communication skills & interpersonal skills.

Beyond the basics, what will make you successful:

Extreme Ownership: the buck stops with you, no matter what anyone else did or did not do. You're self-reliant, and can get things done in the chaos. You maintain uncomfortably high standards for both yourself and the people reporting to you.

Extreme Curiosity: you ask "why" 3-5 times in a row for the same problem, digging and digging and not being satisfied until you truly understand the root cause


ReactJS Node.js Javascript Ionic Mongo

Interview Process
  1. Application Review
  2. Written Assignment
  3. Final interview with Head of Customer Operations.

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