DevOps Engineer at PostEra (W20)
$125k - $175k  •  0.05% - 0.10%
Medicinal Chemistry powered by Machine Learning
3+ years
About PostEra

PostEra offers Medicinal Chemistry powered by Machine Learning

PostEra offers medicinal chemistry powered by machine learning. Drug discovery R&D is slow and expensive and this has limited the biopharma industry from getting new drugs into development and new cures to patients. PostEra is building an end-to-end med chem platform, powered by ML, to develop new cures for diseases and serve the world's ever expanding community of drug hunters.

We've raised $26M from top tech/healthcare investors and signed large multi-year deals with companies like Pfizer and the NIH to find new cures for diseases.

What are we working on?

The answer is many things but here's our top priorities right now:

  • Partnerships: We partner with drug hunters and help them get cures to patients faster. We're currently collaborating with Pfizer and several small biotechs, using all of PostEra's ML to help their drug discovery.
  • Manifold: The first-of-its-kind SaaS platform for scientists to get molecules made.
  • COVID Moonshot: PostEra is helping lead the world's largest open-source drug discovery effort. Moonshot is an international team of scientists working on an antiviral cure for COVID and in 1 year we've gone from ideas on a website to potent compounds which should soon be ready for human trials.
About the role

What you would do:

  • As our first dedicated devops hire, you will have ownership over our platform’s architecture, and be empowered to make decisions that enable us to grow our products and organization.

  • Building infrastructure with an engineering team on a fast-growing product in the biotech space, including:

  • Work with the team to produce high-level technical documents describing the system architecture, to enable the team to make informed design decisions

Skills and experiences you should have:

  • Several years of experience in software development, devops, or SRE, working on a team

  • Network security and data encryption expertise 

  • Experience with an RDBMS

  • Working with major cloud providers (AWS, GCP, or Azure)

  • IaC such as terraform

  • Building and maintaining scalable infrastructure, ideally experience working with Docker or similar containerized systems

  • Monitoring and alerting


  • Experience working with sensitive or proprietary data

  • Preference given for experience within our technology stack: AWS, Terraform, SQL, Django/Python, Typescript/React, and Rust

  • Past experience at a startup company or small team, involved in building new tools and infrastructure


Machine Learning - NLP and tree search algorithms as well as Graph NNs and broader statistical tools like PCA.

Tech Stack - Django back-end with React front-end all on AWS for our web development. High-performance languages (C++) and Postgres databases.

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