Product Designer - Design Systems (contract) at Keeper Tax (W19)
Tax software for gig workers
San Francisco, CA / Remote (United States)
3+ years
About Keeper Tax

Keeper Tax helps independent contractors and freelancers discover tax deductions and file taxes. Help over 250,000 Americans save an extra $1,249 / year (on average)!

About the role
Skills: Design systems, Figma

Keeper Tax is looking for a freelance component designer (ongoing contract). Your job will be to design and maintain a beautiful component library for our app.

Our current component library was built by non-designers… so don’t laugh :) We did our best to just copy material as much as possible.

We are in the middle of a rebranding ending in August, and when that’s complete we’d like to also kick off an overhaul of our component library (that’s where you come in!).

You can expect the work to consist of two parts - setup, and maintenance.

Setup means taking the rebrand output and applying it to an updated component library and applying it to our existing surface area (no UX changes - only components UI and visual) - this will be a big project on the order of 40+ hours spread across a month. We are primarily mobile so you’ll care most about iOS, Android, and mobile web. You’ll also need to document interactive states.

By maintenance we mean collaborating with our product managers to create new components that meet our user needs and make our design system more robust. i.e. Should we make a custom component to solve this problem, reuse an existing one, or modify an existing one? This should be ~5 hrs per week on average.

Your efforts will help us build more quickly, consistently and beautifully - we hope to use your framework for years to come.


  • You’ve implemented / maintained a component library before. We’d love to see it as part of the interview!
  • You understand the value of detail. This isn't a blue-sky visionary type of work. We need your stance on minutia and we need clarity on exactly what component behavior should feel like.
  • You have at least 10 hrs / week to devote to this for the first month. It’s fine if this is a side project for you, but it’s going to take a decent amount of time up front to setup a library.
  • We don’t need you to be a graphic designer - we’ll have a illustrator to help out when needed.


  • Negotiable. We’ll pay for experience.

About Keeper Tax

  • Keeper Tax is tax software for gig workers. We’re on a mission to put $1,249 / yr back in the pockets of 59M Americans gig workers. We do this by helping them discover easy-to-miss write-offs and then filing their taxes through our app.
  • Well funded by top-tier investors - over $15M raised from investors who also led early rounds at Netflix, Acorns, Canva, and others.
  • Product-led strategy. We save people money and time on their taxes, and in exchange they pay us a $96 / yr membership fee. No hidden fees, no ads, and we don't sell data. It’s all about product quality.

About the team

We are …

  • Warm. We are deliberately co-located in San Francisco - with everyone coming into the office at least 2x / week - to enable a strong collaborative culture. We have multiple concurrent book clubs running, eat lunch together for an hour every day, go out to dinner together twice a month, and hold regular offsites where the whole team does something fun.
  • Engaged. We are a passionate group that places high value on autonomy, transparency, ownership, and motivation. We spend a lot of time making sure that everyone has the tools and skills needed to complete their work in a fast and satisfying manner, because it leads to great results and is just a good way to live. Team members from every part of the company have been known to produce their own analytics reports, create designs, update code, call users, and much more.
  • User-focused. Everyone on the team regularly conducts user calls and shares the results with the team, and many of us are former contractors ourselves! This leads us to a shared understanding of user wants and needs that allows us to quickly design and implement changes to the product. We rigorously analyze the results of these changes and share the results in a formal document.

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