ML Engineer at (W21)
$60k - $300k  •  0.50% - 2.00%
Promotions for Marketplaces
San Francisco, CA / Remote
3+ years

Promoted optimizes top marketplaces and then cross-promotes between them to build first-party-everywhere distributed adwords. We unify marketplace search, feed, promotions, and ads into one optimized system. We specialize in solving the in-house challenges of scaled marketplaces with multiple competing teams, vendors, and systems.

About the role
Skills: Machine learning, Go, TensorFlow

Promoted is hiring a Machine Learning Engineer with experience in search, discovery, recommendations, and ads at social media companies and large marketplaces. In particular, we are looking for an owner for our retrieval and learned embedding systems. This is an opportunity for you to own for yourself the systems that you have built for others while improving the design from your past experiences of lessons learned.


We maximize the total profitability of all exchanges in a marketplace and package these solutions as enterprise API software.

  • Delivery: real-time ML, indexing, ranking, allocation, auction, and ad pricing
  • Metrics: real-time event ingestion and aggregation
  • Manager: rea-time reporting with full-featured promotion self-service for sellers and in-house engineering

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