Experienced Rust Engineer at Instant Domains (W22)
$100k - $200k  •  0.10% - 1.00%
Mobile-first domains for businesses and creators
Amsterdam, Netherlands / Remote
3+ years
About Instant Domains

Instant Domains is building a modern, mobile-first, ICANN-accredited domain registrar from scratch in Rust. We help people grow an audience that they own.

About the role
Skills: GraphQL, Rust

Instant Domains is hiring senior Rust engineers to help build a modern, mobile-first domain registrar. Launching a website should be as easy as making a social media page. We help entrepreneurs grow an audience that belongs to them.

We encourage a technical environment that values community and collaboration. As a team, we enjoy learning from each other and contributing to the open-source community. Our founding team knows that forming exceptional, inclusive teams is about balance. Our flexible workplace values families and personal growth.

Some of the technologies we use include Rust, Postgres, GraphQL, TypeScript, NextJS. We are built on the Google Cloud Platform.

Our team is challenging conventional domain registrars. We know supporting entrepreneurs benefit us all. Join us to help a new generation of entrepreneurs build and grow!

The Job

  • Experienced Rust engineer
  • Can work on all parts of the stack, with a focus on Rust
  • We contribute back to the open source community
  • Rebuilding core internet infrastructure in Rust with an experienced team

Our Technology

Location & Compensation

  • Remote, +/- 3 hours of CET
  • $100,000-$200,000 USD-equivalent + equity



We are building our infrastructure in Rust, and use GraphQL to connect to our NextJS/React UI built in TypeScript.

Interview Process

First option: consulting agreement

In an ideal world, we'd love to work with you for a few weeks on a substantial project (maybe one of our open source projects) to feel out how the interaction is working. That way, we could both have a better sense if you are a fit with our team.

Second option: interview process

We're just getting started, so this is not yet fully defined, but it probably looks roughly like this:

  • Meeting with the hiring manager (CTO). This will not go into much technical depth, but will discuss our needs, your motivation and some of your past experience.
  • If we're both happy, we can move forward with a work sample test. You can pick your choice of a live discussion or an asynchronous assignment (which would not take more than about 3 hours).
  • Meeting with the CEO to discuss your team fit, with more behavioral questions.
  • Meeting with another engineer on the team to discuss system design.

Meetings should take at most 1 hour, with ample time for questions from your side.

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