Finance and Operations Associate at Explo (W20)
$75k - $100k  •  0.00% - 0.05%
Customer-facing analytics, lightning fast
New York City
1+ years
About Explo


Our mission is to empower everyone to responsibly solve problems with data.

After working at companies such as Palantir and McKinsey and working with customers struggling with data problems, we discovered companies need to expose data and analytics to their own customers.

Not only do companies themselves want to analyze and utilize the data they collect, but more and more, their customers want access to that same data. Current embedded analytics tools require immense setup costs and aren't designed specifically for customer-facing analytics. Explo is the easiest way to set up your customer-facing dashboards and share reports and data with your customers.

About the role

We’re looking for a finance and operations associate to join as one of our first business hires at Explo. This role is for someone who is eager to learn and thrive in a fast-growing startup environment where every day is different. You will work directly with our COO and founding team to help plan and navigate our journey as a startup.

What you’ll do

  • Provide support to the Chief Operating Officer to solve problems, improve processes, and level up our business across the board.

  • Assist with the company’s financial planning & analysis function, including maintaining the company’s overall budgeting and operating model

  • Manage all payables and receivables from customers and services

  • Manage payroll for employees, contractors, and other services

  • Oversee the company's accounting function, including revenue cycle management, payables, expenses, and taxes

  • Manage the employee lifecycle from end-to-end, from on-boarding to off-boarding

  • Own day to day operational tasks to ensure the business is running smoothly and efficiently

  • Set up and organize team offices, co-locations, and other events

What We're Looking For?

  • 1+ years of experience in finance or operations role

  • Experience at a high growth startup is a plus

  • Creative thinking and problem-solving abilities

  • Ability to learn, wear multiple hats, and handle multiple ongoing work streams at the same time

  • A high level of trust as this role involves working directly with confidential business and employee information


We are building a web app with modern technologies: React/typescript frontend and Django/python backend. We also deeply integrate with data warehouses like BigQuery, RedShift, and Snowflake.

Explo has been a great way to learn about modern data infrastructure and help build on top of the newest tech.

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