Product Manager, App Ecosystem at Benchling (S12)
Unlocking the power of biotech with modern software for modern science
San Francisco, Boston, or Remote US
6+ years
About Benchling

Benchling is building a platform for cutting-edge life science research: gene therapy, cellular immunotherapy, synthetic biology, etc. Our mission is to accelerate research and magnify its impact by bringing modern software to this historically underserved space.

Research today means disparate tools, manual data entry, and lots of Excel and paper. We provide an integrated platform for designing and running experiments, analyzing data, and sharing results. Scientists are able to work faster, while organizations can collect and tap into their vast institutional knowledge for the first time.

About the Team Benchling was founded in 2013 by a team of MIT graduates and has since raised funding from investors that include Y Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, and Thrive Capital. Our team of 300 includes former Salesforce executives, tech industry veterans from Google, Facebook, Palantir, and Twitter, and biology PhDs from UCSF and Harvard. We hire people who love learning and learn quickly - building tools for science requires a scientific mindset.

Our engineering team of nearly 100 is growing quickly. We're looking for engineers who thrive on teamwork, crave ownership and impact, and are driven to make a dent in our space.

About the role

Benchling’s developer platform exposes APIs and interfaces to connect a company’s digital source of truth to the real world, and extend how Benchling itself works. Our customers write custom scientific analysis logic, and have it run after certain actions. Instruments automatically upload measurements into Benchling as they’re taken. In some cases, entire experimental processes are designed in Benchling and carried out by robots, which measure out samples and move them from one instrument to the next.

The potential of these integrations is extraordinary, but it’s still fundamentally built customer-by-customer. We’re building out an app ecosystem to change that. In a couple years, any customer, including the majority of small ones who don’t have engineering teams, will be able to install apps to hook Benchling up to their lab instruments, run more specialized analyses, and connect to other common software platforms they have. Think about Salesforce’s AppExchange, or Slack Apps — these took the potential of their developer platforms and gave it to every customer, and created an entire marketplace for third-parties to extend further. Labs have the same need, and are waiting for something like this.

The framework for building apps on Benchling is already underway, and we support basic apps now. We’re on track to have a dozen or so built on it by the end of the year. We need somebody to chart the path forward from there, and develop the burgeoning ecosystem that sits at the intersection of biology and tech.


*Define the 2-3 year vision and product roadmap for our app ecosystem

*Work with our eng team to design and launch our app framework

*Work closely with our customers to understand how they’re using our product, their needs, and their pain points

*Partner with our strategy team to develop an approach for how we’ll build out the ecosystem. E.g. the order to tackle different market segments, what apps (or classes of apps) we should encourage first, etc.

*Partner with strategy, sales, and marketing to develop our pricing, packaging, and distribution models for the ecosystem


*8+ years as a Product Manager (or a similar role), working with enterprise software and integrations

*3+ years experience working on app ecosystems

*Track record of being data-influenced, with sound reasoning for strategy decisions from that data

*Excellent at listening to others and articulating ideas in written and oral form

*Influential leadership and interpersonal skills that enable you to build strong relationships with customers, your reports, company peers, and executives

  • React / Redux
  • TypeScript
  • Flask
  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS

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