Software Engineer - Windows at Mighty (S19)
$120k - $200k  •  0.10% - 0.25%
Mighty makes Google Chrome faster & use 10x less memory.
3+ years
About Mighty

Mighty makes Google Chrome faster & use 10x less memory.

We spend most of our time in a web browser but it's often our slowest app. Mighty speeds up Chrome on your laptop by streaming it from a more powerful computer in the cloud—that makes your browser & other apps run significantly faster. Unlike regular Google Chrome, it doesn't slowdown if you have too many tabs open. It uses less power & CPU to prolong battery life. Web pages load half a second faster. When you have many tabs open, it will help you quickly find a tab. Built for speed, it's like putting a rocket booster on your web browser.

Mighty was started by the founder of Mixpanel & we’re looking to hire an engineer to join our small team.

** We are only hiring remotely within USA & Canada **

About the role
Skills: C, C#, C++, JavaScript, Node.js, Objective-C, TypeScript, Windows

At Mighty, we’re working hard at building a computer you’ll never need to upgrade that changes the possibilities of what apps can do. Mighty makes Google Chrome faster and uses 10x less memory by streaming it at extremely low-latency from the cloud.

Only accepting candidates from USA/Canada/Western EU currently.

Check out our FAQ for answers to some quick questions you might have.  100% remote work.

If you join us, you’ll be an early team member in helping shape:

  • Our future company culture
  • Our engineering practices
  • People that we hire
  • The direction & focus of our products

Engineers on the team today:  

  • Work in C++ and TypeScript primarily
  • Are supportive—especially when teammates are faced with new challenges
  • Are left to autonomously figure out the solutions to their challenges
  • Put themselves in the shoes of our users to craft a great experience
  • Value clear, frequent communication (we do a lot of reading & writing)
  • Are naturally curious and willing to take a step to learn something they don’t have experience in
  • Feel a great sense of accountability to each other
  • Uphold best practices in engineering, security, and design

Skills & Experience

  • 2+ years of working full-time as a software engineer
  • [Strongly Preferred] Experience programming a Node.js native addon (node-gyp) in Windows
  • [Strongly Preferred] Windows C++ (VC++) experience; experience building desktop applications with Win32/COM APIs
  • [Preferred] Knowledge of audio playback and graphics in Windows (examples: DirectX, WASAPI, MMDevice, ASIO)
  • [Preferred] Experience with a C-flavored language (C, C++, C#, Obj-C)
  • [Helpful] Native code debuging experience on Windows using WinDBG or Visual Studio
  • [Helpful] Typescript/Javascript experience
  • [Helpful] Understanding of modern web technologies
  • [Helpful] Systems-level MacOS experience

Here are examples of things we’ve worked on:

  • Reverse engineering Mac’s scrolling algorithm
  • Implementing a custom event dispatch IPC mechanism to bypass X11 when sending input events to Chromium by reverse-engineering its event processing code.
  • Implementing cross-platform Drag and Drop file uploading. We trick Chromium into thinking it's uploading a file from the Linux filesystem while, behind the scenes, we stream the file from the user's Mac.
  • We've hacked the Chromium source code to lower GPU memory usage and minimize perceived input latency.
  • We've added a bridge to move some parts of Chromium to run on the user's client device. For example, the code used to display macOS authentication dialogs is invoked through our custom bridge from Chromium on Linux.
  • We've created a custom emoji picker for Mighty to improve the user's experience by allowing Slack-style emoji selection. 🤪

We write code primarily in C++/JavaScript/TypeScript. Our application is a desktop Electron app where the front-end is in JS while the bits that need to be fast are written in C++.

Here are examples of things we’ve worked on:

  • Figuring out how to improve encoding performance by reducing total time to be less than 8 milliseconds.
  • Capturing mouse/keyboard events to replay them on Linux from macOS.
  • Helping build our custom networking protocol to improve upon congestion for various networking conditions that our users may have.
  • Benchmarking the performance of different models of GPUs to find the best cost/performance ratio to keep costs low

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